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Clemson and South Florida Recruiting Comparison

This week's opponent is the South Florida Bulls.  Similar to weeks past, we will put Clemson's recruiting numbers next to the Bulls' to see how we stack up based solely on data acquired from and  We are currently putting together worksheets to better display these recruiting data points and will roll them out later this week if they are presentable.

This week's data shows a Clemson squad that, on paper over the past five years, has superior talent. Clemson holds a commanding lead over the Bulls in average player rating (averaging almost +0.70 stars per player) as well as overall class rankings(averaging approx a 26 spot improvement over the Bulls).  South Florida brought in much larger class sizes over the past five classes, including two classes of 30 players and a class of 28.  Clemson's largest class over this period was 25 players.  And now, the information:


Figure 1:  Yearly Average Recruiting Star Ratings 

Table I:  Individual Recruiting Source Star Ratings



Figure 2:  Class Size per Team



Figure 3:  Annual National Recruiting Rankings


Table II:  National Recruiting Rankings with Source Data