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Clemson Loses Another Close One

With Clemson leading 61 to 57, my prediction of ‘first one to 60 wins’ was looking pretty good.  Who cares if I predicted that FSU would be the first one to 60.  Alas, I jinxed them.  FSU suddenly became an offensive juggernaut, looking like the ’90 Running Rebels with Deividas Dulkys playing the role of Anderson Hunt.    Couple that with Clemson’s inability to hit the broad side of a barn, and the result is a Clemson 75-69 loss.

Although losing is never fun, leading FSU on the road late into the second half is a step in the right direction for this squad.  FSU is more than likely a top 4 team in the ACC this year.  This can be a building block.   Clemson has almost a month until their next ACC contest.  Lets use these upcoming non-conference games as tune-ups for Miami on January 8th.