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Clemson/Florida State Recruiting Comparison

This week's opponent is the Florida State Seminoles.  Similar to weeks past, we will put Clemson's recruiting numbers next to the 'Nolesto see how we stack up based solely on data acquired from and 

This week I have changed the presentation up a little bit.  The line graph was a little confusing with four sets of data crisscrossing the chart.  I have decided this week to average the Rivals and Scout data and put together a bar graph based solely on the average data between the two recruiting sources.  I have taken the raw data for each source and put it into a table.  This information will also be posted here so that you can see the individual recruiting data from both the Rivals and Scout services.  Please let me know if you have any other presentation suggestions to make this data easier to digest.

I will go ahead and tell you, this data will greatly favor the Seminoles.  Florida State has done a better job in each of the three areas we look at here:  Average Player Star Rating, Class Size, and Overall Class Ranking.  FSU has consistently recruited more players and their average player is more highly rated by these recruiting services than Clemson's players.  The combination of pure numbers combined with higher rated talent have the 'Noles' average class ranking 8 to 10 spots ahead of Clemson over the past five years.  Without delay, here is the data:

Figure 1:  Yearly Average Recruiting Star Ratings


Table I:  Individual Recruiting Source Star Ratings




Figure 2:  Class Size per Team



Figure 3:  Annual National Recruiting Rankings


Table II:  National Recruiting Rankings with Source Data