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Week 11 Preliminary BlogPoll Ballot

Going from the top, I moved TCU up because they beat another undefeated Utah squad by a billion points. The main reason why I don't put Auburn there is because I think a Top 2 team should be able to play offense and defense. I would love to see Patterson go against either of the two teams around him, but I do know it wont happen if both go undefeated.

I guess now I should buy stock in LSU. They beat Alabama in a day game that I thought they had little shot of winning. Alabama is just playing awfully bad, particularly at QB and OL in my opinion.

Since the rest of the Top 25 shit the bed, everything else is jumbled. Nebraska drops because they struggled but I penalize teams badly when they lose to unranked opponents usually, so I knocked some way down. I dont like penalizing teams for losing to higher ranked opponents but when I watched the replay of Utah-TCU, I saw a Utah squad that did not have the speed on defense to compete with most of the Top 25 right now.