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Wake Forest Game Film Review

ESPN Play-by-Play

Not going play-by-play for the defense here, as they continue to do their jobs correctly. I'll only point out a problem where its evident. Offensively I will, until the end when the roster minutes kick into effect.

CU from the 35 - I, Power for 1...Ace, bubble screen to Marquan Jones for 19...Ace, Zone for 1...Gun, Flanker screen to Nuke for 8...I, Power for 6. Good push over LG...Ace Sweep for 1. WF played it perfectly....I, sprint draw for 1...Gun Empty, Chris Hairston beaten and Parker rolls right, runs for 2. Good coverage that I can see. FG good. 3-0 Clemson. 9 plays 39 yards, 04:16

Not much movement generated up front there from the OL with the exception of the Power play.

2 gun snaps, 1 pass and another run which was a called pass. 6 snaps under-center, 5 rushes and 1 pass.

WF from their 20 - Clemson came out in the OVER front, and are not flipping the SAM to the strong side. Nice open field tackle by Brewer, but he catches the face mask and gives them 15... Andre Branch tips a screen pass to the back that would've gone for 10-15 at minimum if he hadn't, he's badly held and thrown down on the next play-action power pass, and has good containment on an outside draw to stop the drive.

CU from our 24 - Near I, Power for 4...Gun, pass in the flats to Dwayne Allen is a bit too wide....Gun Empty, Parker hits Nuke on a comeback route for 10. Landon Walker beaten by mini-DLman as usual...TO Clemson...Ace, PA pass underthrown to Jaron Brown incomplete on a Dig...Gun, Waggle pass and Parker can't hit anyone, runs out for no gain....Gun 2B, blitz not picked up well, but Parker hits Hopkins on a comeback for 8. Punt. 6 plays 22 yards, 02:10

I can't see how these small 2-gapping linemen can run right around our OL. Its pitiful.

4 gun snaps, 3 passes and 1 run, which was called a pass. 2 under center, 1 pass and 1 run.

WF from their 11 - Tigers show some 3-4 of our own, but mostly OVER. They manage to run for a 1st down by outrunning 3 guys to the boundary, Branch didn't generate penetration on that play and it gave up outside contain.... Bowers gets his 1st sack by just running around the TE and going through the RB. END 1st QTR. Punt.

Marcus Gilchrist fumbles the catch after being hit immediately, and Brandon Clear is not blocking.

Punt return fumbled into WF hands at their 46 - D forces 3 & out. They try to run wide of our DL and DeAndre McDaniel lays two good licks for trying. Punt.

Wake Forest's strategy thus far is to chew clock and wait for Napier/Dabo to shoot themselves.

CU from our 33 - Hopkins was in to return the punt, doesnt offer at it, and gets chewed out too...Ace, zone w/ orbit motion goes over RT for 4...Near I, PA pass to Harper on a flare for 7...Ace, Zone for loss of 1. Appears to be a run blitz, and David Smith picked up wrong man....Ace, FL screen to Jaron Brown for 7. Not the greatest block but good enough...Gun, another bubble screen to Brown for 39. Nice block by Cloy getting out there from the LOS and Allen as well...Ace with H motion, Power for 5...Ace Zone for 3. Harper slipped...Ace Power for 1. No movement over LG, Hairston managed to not hit anyone with the down block, and Cloy could only make contact with Chris afterwards. 22 yd FG, 6-0 Clemson. 9 plays 63 yards

Wake from their 38 - Not enough depth acheived in zone drop underneath allows a 16 yard completion. Deep coverage was more than one-arm length away too though...Bowers registers his 2nd sack for loss of 15...They get 13 back on an inside screen and Byron Maxwell makes the shoestring tackle to prevent another 15 yards allowed. Punt.

They roll opposite Da'Quan Bowers, and we do things to force the OT to be occupied so he's matched on a skinny TE.

CU from the 18 -  Ace, Zone for 9...Ace, Zone for 1....Gun, Waggle pass to Jaron Brown is too wide from Tajh Boyd...Ace, FL screen to Marquan for 9. Good block by Jaron...I, Power for 2...Near I, Power for Hot Rod goes for nothing. McClain didn't get over to set the edge on the strongside because the left side got pushed backwards..Gun, quick out to Jones for 4....Gun, Parker blindsided on a CB blitz. Diehl walked right past him, and its his key to pick up there. Doesn't look like Parker got the correct pre-snap read because he must account for that blitzer too. Punt. 8 plays 16 yards, 03:23

Tiny WF defensive linemen that are 2-gapping are whipping our OL on every other play, thats why we don't generate any rush consistently.

Do not like changing QBs like that during the middle of a drive.

3 gun snaps, 2 passes and 1 sack. 5 under-center with 4 rushes and 1 pass. Every shotgun snap has been a called pass attempt thus far.

WF from their 18 - 3 & out. They just don't have any chance to generate anything against our DLine. Tanner Price is running for his life. Punt.

CU from our 44, 1:39 left - Gun Empty, 3 man rush and Parker still rolls right to find Nuke coming back to him for 8...Gun, Parker sacked. 3 man rush and Hairston beaten inside. This is pathetic. Harper should've chipped the DLman but Parker should not be sandwiched by the two Ends who beat both our OTs...TO called...Gun, hits Harper on a screen for 15...Gun, Parker throws one up 40 yds to Jaron Brown who makes the catch for the TD. Just a great catch, as the DB had good position on him. 13-0 Clemson. 4 plays 56 yards, 00:39

4 gun snaps, 3 passes and 1 sack. Obviously in 2-min mode.

WF from their 44 - just run two plays to end the half.


14 shotgun snaps, 10 of which were passes. 4 rushes were all called throws where Parker was sacked/scrambled. 20 under-center snaps, 15 rushes and 5 passes. They really self-scout well don't they?

They are trying to establish the run though, and Parker has been fairly sharp. 12/14 for 174 yards passing in the 1st half, 22 rushing (2 sack yardage counts off) against a defense that is averaging 196 ypg allowed on the ground. 14 carries and 37 yards for Jamie Harper, who is not running as hard in the 1st half as he was against FSU.

WF has no size up front, and little skill aside from Wilber, but you wouldn't know it from how our OL is playing. A 3-man rush should not touch Kyle Parker. WF's run blitzes should not have the success they do because they arent particularly fast at LB. Brad's linemen just have their feet in mud.

Our D is playing predominantly OVER front and not flipping much with the TE, so it may be a field/boundary choice sometimes. WF just runs the ball over and over and hopes one breaks out. They have no hope with a scrawny TE on Bowers.

49 yards of total offense for WF. 18 rushing. 1.8 yards per play.

Start 3rd QTR.

WF from the 28 - Lost edge containment as Bowers crashed on a zone read and Tanner Price goes 19. Tig Willard is supposed to scrape around, but he actually went inside and the veering OT downblocked him...9 more on a weakside OT run, Willard not where hes supposed to be...DMac run-blitzes up the A for no gain...OLB, maybe Willard again, not scraping out for another outside play for the 1st down on 3rd & 4...screen pass excellently played by Gilchrist, pushed his man back into the play....On 4th & 3 at the CU 36, a PA pass is 6 inches overthrown for a TD, incomplete. Good coverage, and an almost perfect throw against Maxwell.

CU from the 36 - Ace, Zone for 8....Ace, zone for 2...Ace, OS zone for 16. Nice edge block by Diehl and Walker...Ace, zone is cutback away from the blocking for 7....I, Power for 5. All Jamie Harper here....Ace, McD zone for 1.5....False start Walker, but everyone jumped there, Freeman didn't have the snap count....Gun, bubble screen to Brown for 1....3rd & 12, Gun, Harper in the flats on a screen, fights through 3 tackles for a 1st down....I, Power for 4...Ace, McD zone and drops the football when a helmet hits it. Allen falls on it....Gun, leaping catch made by Hopkins on a slant for the TD. 20-0 Clemson. 11 plays 64 yards, 05:42

Very nice drive. Much harder running from Harper, and much better blocking in particular.

8 under center, all runs. 3 gun snaps, all passes. This is more like how a Clemson drive should be going this season.

WF from their 26 - 3 & out. Some 3-4 front and some blitzing. WF tried a statue of Liberty play that they couldn't block.

CU from the WF 46 after kick-catch interference call - There are too many white jerseys around these punt catches. McDowell nearly ran into Hopkins. Tajh Boyd in at QB.

Ace, Zone for 4....Gun 2B, PA throw to Allen for 6 on a hitch....I, Iso for 3....I, PA pass downfield to Xavier Dye for 18. Post-corner route. Better zip on that throw from Tajh. Start 4th QTR. Far I,  Boyd rolls weakside and drops the ball...Gun 2B, Boyd throws off his back foot to Harper at the pylon incomplete into triple coverage, forced that ball. Really should not have thrown it....3rd &16, Gun, hits Brown on a screen underneath and he scrambles for 6. FG 23-0 Clemson.8 plays 31 yards, 03:23

3 gun snaps, 3 passes. 4 under center, 1 pass and 3 runs, one of which was a called pass.

WF from their 24 - 3 & out. All pass mode, then a bad punt. Tigers playing nickel, some 4-1 Dime too.

CU from the WF 47 - Ace, end around for Jaron Brown for 4, this is one of those that is a zone that we always fake....Gun, Waggle pass overthrown to Marquan into coverage...Gun, QB Draw for 9. I'm so happy we called this, and it should be called more often....Ace Boyd's handoff to Harper is met well into the backfield. #63 got whipped badly off the snap...Gun, Flanker screen to Clear for 7. #63 again didn't get out there to block...Gun, Out pass to Dye is thrown too low, tipped and intercepted by Daniel Mack. Good play by Mack.

Boyd needs reps.

4 gun snaps, 3 passes and 1 run that was actually called. 2 under-center, 2 rushes.

WF from their 39 - This is not all backups in, there are 3-4 2nd teamers in to start and play most of this drive. Justin Parker and Darius Robinson are in, but the rest play all the time. The quick screen for 22 showcases the fact that our DBs still cannot avoid a cut block properly. Other than that its not a bad drive, WF just got close enough with the screen play to be in FG range and break the shutout. Sack by Corico Hawkins and Maxwell nearly picked a crosser. 45 yd FG, 23-3 Clemson. 8 plays 34 yards

Pissed we lost the shutout.

CU from the 37 - Ace, inside zone. Jamie Harper 63 yard TD run, 30-3 Clemson. This is mostly backup linemen that I see.

WF from their 21 - Here is where we're getting into the defensive bench. Clemson is playing mostly nickel with Christian and Parker at LB and not getting alot of pressure up front. Darius Robinson gets a holding called downfield to give them 10. Martin Jenkins is playing too far off WF receivers and getting beaten for it. Justin Parker looks lost and slow reading his key. On 3rd & 10, Andre Branch takes a bad angle on a checkdown and it ends up going for 34 yards to the 1. Meeks has to get off that block downfield to make a tackle and doesnt. 2nd effort on an inside zone gets the TD. 30-10 Clemson. 11 plays 79 yards, 02:09

CU from the 28 with 6:02 left - All running plays to kill the clock here.  Ace, Zone for a couple. Ace Zone for 3. Landon Walker false start on 3rd down....Gun 2B, Draw for 15 for Hot Rod....Ace zone for loss of 4, he has to accelerate into the hole and didnt....Ace, Zone for Daniel Barnes for 3...Gun, Boyd on a draw for 10...I, Power for 3 on 4th & 1...Ace, zone for 6...I, Iso for 3 to end it.


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

Summarizing Thoughts

Kyle Parker had a very sharp day. Only two passes incomplete: a throw wide to the flats and one underthrown over the middle on an In route. I didn't notice anyone open that he didn't see.

OL - pitiful in the 1st half, better in the 2nd but I think much more credit goes to Harper. WF beat us with a 235lb DT all day. The opponent can still get pressure on us with 3 down linemen.

Jamie Harper, rough going in the 1st half and indecisive with the football and hitting holes, as has been his pattern. However the 2nd half was hard running, thats two good weeks in a row for Jamie and he stays off the shit list.

No big drops or botched plays from the WRs, but there were quite a lot of screen passes in this game, which is an easier catch to make.

In the 1st half: 14 gun snaps and 10 passes thrown, 4 rushes that were called pass plays. 20 snaps from under-center, 15 of which were called run plays. In the 2nd, 12 gun snaps and 9 passes, 3 called run plays. 22 plays from under-center (counting the last drive, which was 7), 21 of which were called rushes. 26 shotgun snaps and only 3 actual run plays called. 42 plays from under center, and only 6 passes.

That doesnt seem to be terribly good self-scouting to me and I'd still sit back in C3 zone against Clemson anytime they went shotgun, and I'd run-blitz under-center. WF actually did do this to us, but they played quite a bit of C2. They don't have enough talent or experience to make it work, but their run-blitzes in the 1st half were on point and succeeded.

Still, the run/pass ratio is more in line to what it should be, so thats a plus. At halftime we did decide to come out and run the ball.

Defensively this game went about like I expected, 205 total yards allowed and 54 rushing, though I'm surprised we didn't have a brain fart and give them one easy one in the first 3 quarters. Tackling and coverage was good all day until the backups went in and WF got out of their uber-conservative mode.