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WR Sammy Watkins commits to Clemson

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Clemson got another commitment to finish off what has to be one of the best WR classes in the country today with the announcement of Sam Watkins' commitment. He had been a silent, I don't know how long in this case, though I had expected this to be announced back in the summer when Randy Shannon and Miami f'd up his recruitment. He has said several times that he wanted to announce at the US Army All-American game, but apparently we changed his mind on that one. He's rated as the #3 WR nationally, 4-stars by Rivals.

Watkins is a very special player, 6'1-2 190lbs and runs a 4.5, which isn't special in itself, but what stands out on film is his ball skills and how hard and physical he plays WR. He's a physical blocker, like Hopkins. He runs his routes extremely well and gets himself open. He's the caliber of player that can come in and start in his first year on campus, and considering the relative lack of talent here at WR, thats likely. I do not, however, think he's as good as Roscoe Crosby was, so daydreams of 800-1000 yards in his first year are premature. It'll all depend on the progression of McNeal, Brown and Hopkins, and I don't see how anyone is going to take away Nuke's starting job.

I wouldn't pigeonhole him as an outside or inside-only guy, he's elusive and physical enough to play both. Peake is an outside guy for sure, in my opinion, as is Martavis Bryant, so his first shot will probably be inside.

We stand at 23 commits, 4 of which will come in early if everything holds up and no one does anything stupid. DB Robert Smith has hinted at it, which would be 5. WR commit Stanton Steckinger, who I would call a questionable take, is a grayshirt. If this staff does not take at least 25 we will not be happy.

Rivals has rated the incoming class at #5 in the country at the moment, though there are always some big names out for the big schools that are uncommitted. I'm just hoping for Top 12. Hopefully we'll get someone at LB like Stephone Anthony soon, or steal one from someone else because LB recruiting is still too thin for this scheme.

His chief recruiters are Brad and Jeff Scott, which signals another victory for facebook and Brad's once-per-year visit out of state on recruiting.