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"RedZone" Offense--The Stats vs FSU

I know it's a little late in the week for more talk about FSU, but our offense's performance deep in our opponent's territory has been an issue for discussion all season and I would like to get the numbers from last week out there for you guys.  I will admit that I have been slack looking around the net to see if this info is somehere else (and I ran the numbers), so if this is out there somewhere, so be it.  I chose offensive plays inside the FSU 30 yard line as the limit because we should score every time we have the ball that close to the opponent's goal line.

Here is our play selection (note that I included Parker's 2 yard loss as a sack. Technically, it was not a sack but a designed pass where Parker did not throw the ball away and ate a couple yards): 


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How the play distribution looked (includes special teams plays--4 and does not include penalties--2)


What would the box score look like?

Rushing:  8 carries, 59 yards (7.375 YPC), 1 TD

Passing:  11 attempts, 28 yards (2.55 YPAtt), 1 INT

Special Teams:  4 FG attempts, 2 made and 2 missed for a 50% success rate



While we only looked at the pure numbers here and not the situations of the plays (you can check these out in Dr. B's Film Review), these numbers support what most of the Clemson faithful already suspected:   Clemson was able to run the ball much better than the Tigers threw the ball, especially deep in FSU territory.  7.375 YPC and 1 TD versus 2.55 YPAtt and an INT clearly support this stance.  2.17 points per opportunity is unacceptable, particularly when Clemson ran the ball so effectively.


**Note** Edited at 11:00