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We are in a FREEFALL and only you can stop it

I waited until the next morning to type this just to be sure there was no extreme stupidity spewing from FF. I think I am more pissed off this morning than I was last night. I had not said that Swinney should be replaced before but am firmly in such camp after last night's debacle, the fifth such on the season. There is nothing this team can do in ‘10 to change my opinion due to the extreme level of crap that we have seen out of this staff's amateurism. This team from an offensive perspective is no more organized than an intramural flag football team. Chip shot field goals are wasted opportunities and I am just waiting for Kevin Steele to lose it because our offense cannot put up two touchdowns and a field goal for yet another week and his good defensive performance is again wasted.

Dabo Swinney, however, is not the problem with our football program. As I have said before, Dabo did not hire himself. Terry Don Phillips is the jackass who:

A) extended Tom Bowden's contract AND put in place a ridiculous buyout

B) put himself in a position to go on the cheap when he had to find a new coach because we are paying Tom this asinine buyout

C) hired Tom's receivers coach/head cheerleader and allowed him to retain a large portion of Tom's staff

TDP ABSOLUTELY HAS TO GO. PERIOD. But, even IF TDP goes, we still have problems. We are where South Carolina was 20-30 years ago. We allow politics and other university bullshit to get in the way of winning. We have administrators who have never coached a damn thing dictate how our coaches do their jobs. We cannot get Jim Barker to allow players who are eligible via NCAA rules into our school. Clemson repeatedly handicaps coaches and refuses to allow them to do their jobs and compete in the dog eat dog world of college athletics. We do all of this and then hear Barker feed us some excuse/line of crap about being a top 20 university. Last I checked there is no US News and World Report Ranking section in the BCS formula so it is irrelevant for our football team. The Top 20 objective is just an excuse for Barker to manipulate class size/professor allocations/academic data and choke our sporting teams, which is just flat out wrong.

I am completely sick of seeing this year in year out. Yesterday, no check that, this season was just the culmination of 20 years of pure crap. Hatfield, West, Bowden, Swinney...I am sure my kids and grandkids will see these names in media guides and ask me how Clemson fell from greatness into the hole we are in currently.

I encourage you to get in touch with your IPTAY rep. Get after the members of the BOT. Call, email, mail, send smoke signals, whatever you have to do, tell them that this is unacceptable and we are sick of seeing this situation over and over and over again. Tell them that if they don't listen, you will boycott their businesses and all businesses that they are invested in or have an affiliation with. Tell your IPTAY rep that that if the university does not listen to you they won't enjoy your donation either. If we want the best for our university we need these folks to get on board and change things for the better.