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Postgame Impression: Our Offensive Staff is an Abortion


I dont even know what to say anymore. What do you expect us to say after that garbage? I can barely control my rage enough to type legibly. Our offense has looked like complete dogshit since Auburn. If you think that our WRs and OL are well coached you are full of it. I had to hear the Pony tell me that Brad Scott was a great coach tonight, and his dumbass even questioned why we threw the ball in the red zone. YES EVEN THE PONY KNOWS DABO IS DUMB.

Everybody wants to fire someone tonight, and you should. What we saw from this offensive staff in playcalling was a complete cluster. Clemson's Defense played their ass off all night against a very talented offense. I could not imagine us playing as well on D as we did against them. Our DLine completely dominated them for 3.5 quarters of this ballgame, which is unarguable from anyone, and the only reason why they moved the ball at the end was because they decided to run to the perimeter and away from the DL. So while neither team really deserved to win this game, our D definitely didn't deserve to lose it. I give great credit to Kevin Steele and the entire defensive staff and all the players on defense for playing their best tonight.

Florida State gave Clemson every single opportunity to take this game and completely blow it open. FSU's defense did not play well at all except in deep coverage, but I doubt we even called 5 plays that were designed to go deep. They did not tackle well. They did not control gaps well. They committed many stupid penalties. They backed up in Cover 3 and made us execute, and just like BC, it worked. They waited for our playcallers to F the game up themselves, and didn't really have to do anything. A monkey probably could've had them down by 14 at the half.

And the weird thing is that our offense actually moved the ball pretty well all night. We stifled the best pass rush in the NCAA. We ran the ball really well because we pretty much blew them off the ball in man block situations (to clarify, Brad's OL did play well, but when Craig James said we have a great OL coach, i lost it). We took what they gave us most of the time, and even The Skirt got himself off my shit list (for one week, lets not get crazy). FSU gave us the run, and even when they put 9 in the box they couldn't stop it (see JH's TD), and we didn't take it when we could've. We get down by 3 with 8 minutes left, and of course we must abandon the run game. We get in the red zone, when Harper ran us into it, and then must throw with zero touch. It doesn't make any sense to me. Using every bit of football knowledge I have, I cannot see what this staff is thinking when they make these calls. They can't see the forest for the trees.

Kyle Parker had his good moments and his bad ones. He still made some bonehead throws, and still doesnt have touch, but he shouldnt throw the ball 44 times in a football game, especially not when you have 152 on the ground. I don't understand what would possess anyone to want to throw the ball 44 times when your RB can beat them by himself, particularly in the red zone. Every time we've thrown the ball over 40 times its ended up with a Loss, and if we'd have made smarter playcalls tonight's game would not have been one.

I don't know what else to say really. I can only throw my hands up. Only you can make things happen. When you don't win a championship for 20 years, its not just your Head Coach's fault. Dabo Swinney and his offensive clusterfuck of a staff is on the hook for this particular loss, and those who just want Napier fired are not thinking clearly because Dabo is interjecting in this playcalling, but its the people above him that gave him the job that are really to blame. Tommy West got a job he should not have gotten. Dabo Swinney has been given a job he's also not ready for, so the people that gave it to him are the ones you need to blame. He might not be doing the best with what he has, but he shouldn't have this job in the first place. Terry Don Phillips should be fired tomorrow, and not just because of his football decisions.

I can't do anything here, I'm just a blogger. All I do is write. You must do things yourself. You must send those letters to the Board, but the only way to truly get anyone's attention in this world is to hold that $$$$. You must get their attention by not sending them the money. If you know what company those Board members run, then boycott it. I guarantee you'll get their attention. Whatever you have to do to get their attention must be done, because if you don't, you shouldn't bitch when SC passes your athletic program.