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Tigers vs. Tarholes Gamethread

On offense, expect UNC to play conservatively but take a few shots deep, given our secondary's penchant for giving up big plays this year. They'll run, run, and then try play-action, and throw pretty often to the TE. He's good, so he's going to get his catches no matter what. Don't overreact when he does, because you already know that our LBs aren't great, and Quan Christian, who hasn't had to play much coverage thus far, is the SAM matched on the TE.

On Defense, UNC will do what they do. They won't change much for us. They have young corners and they won't put them in a bind too often with anything exotic. Its going to be similar to Miami's defense schemewise.

Clemson will have to take advantage of our opportunities, and most importantly not turn the damn ball over again like last week. We need the young WRs to make plays, but the old guys will still get in the game either way. We need JH to hit a hole hard for once and break some tackles.

Our defense will show this week what the plan will be going forward, I believe. Last year we blitzed heavily, but thus far we haven't blitzed as much. Part of that comes from just playing against more speed than this time last year, but it could point to a change in Steele's approach for this season. I'd expect us to bring the house against UNC, but if we don't, it may mean that we won't blitz much at all this year.

If we don't give up big plays, I'd almost be willing to bet that UNC won't score at all, almost.

Don't be surprised if this one turns out to be a real slugfest in the trenches.