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Week 6 Preliminary BlogPoll Ballot

Not much changes at the top even though some of the top lost. Shouldnt Florida lose to the #1 team?  I had Stanford below Oregon and thats how it turned out too. I'm not gonna penalize them much there. I do think that Oregon played better than Ohio State has shown so far, so I flipped them.

OU beat a ranked Texas team so they move up a little, but OU is living on a prayer, just like LSU. I no longer believe LSU will compete with the West right now, so I'm knocking them down. The AP having them at #12 is ridiculous.

The next 10 was harder to organize. Michigan State has looked pretty good and I had Miami down because they looked like crap against Pitt, and they still looked like crap for parts of our game, but they won both. Iowa beat a higher-ranked (by me) Penn State team and Auburn kept on winning. Who is going to beat Auburn in that 10-20 range? Iowa probably wouldnt, Miami can play D, as can some others but I don't think Auburn belongs any higher.