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"The Championship Belt" and why I give it more props than you would expect

I already know how this one is gonna go over, and I am sure the thoughts will be split into the "yeah, I can get down with that" and the "have you lost your mind" camps.  I think that since this national championship is mythical to begin with, any suggestion, by definition, could be considered as there is no "real" champ due to the system relying on writers/coaches opinions and a couple of computer algorithms.

Here is the concept of having a Fooball Championship Belt:  a college football national championship belt.  For some reason, I think a lot of you guys out there have known about this site,, for a while now.  Well the Wagon fired it over the other day and I just cannot get enough of the concept.  These guys came up with the concept and I am so on-board that it is the topic of this discussion.

The idea is simple, you start with a champion who holds the belt and this team defends the belt each time it plays.  If the team wins, it retains the title otherwise it loses it and the process continues (indefinitely) with a new champion and another title defense the next week.  No need for a BCS, polls, a crystal football, etc...You have a freaking belt to play for each and every week.

Who cares about anything else when you got the "Ten Pounds of Gold" or the "Big Gold Belt" on the line?  For two teams, the stakes are at the top level each and every week.

How could this affect our Tigers?  Clemson has held the belt twice before, once in 1974 and again in 1988.  The '74 reign was a mere week and the 1988 reign began with our Citrus Bowl victory over Joe Paterno's Penn State team and lasted until Florida State ripped the belt from our possession via a puntrooskie, a gift timeout, and a punt return by Neon Deion.

Recently, the Alabama Crimson Tide came into this season with the belt after taking it from the Florida Gators in last season's SEC Championship game.  South Carolina upset the Tide to become the champs then turned around the next week and lost it to Kentucky.  Kentucky dropped the belt to the Georgia Bulldogs. 

So here we are, the end of October and a couple of scenarios that may allow Clemson to play for the belt during the 2010 football season.  The first option is pretty clear:  Georgia loses to Florida Saturday then Florida loses to South Carolina a few weeks later.  Carolina defeats Troy setting up the first Championship Belt game between Clemson and Carolina.  Winning the belt in this fashion would be nice.

Option 2 involves Clemson getting a shot at an SEC opponent holding the belt in a bowl game.  It would be extra sweet if we could somehow beat Georgia in a bowl game to win the belt.

Option 3 involves Georgia Tech making an improbable run to their second ACCCG, beating Georgia (who would need to remain undefeated until the GT game), AND Clemson making it to Charlotte to play GT for the ACC Championship and (most importantly) the Championship Belt.

While having the belt would be cool, I can only immagine the goofiness that would ensue should Swinney realize that we are indeed the World Champs.  We have a rediculous "Road Rock" so I would fully expect Dabo to get a belt made up to honor this achievement.  I could see DS in some sort of Feathered Robe (no need for a shirt if you got a robe) with the 10 lbs of gold around his waist running down the hill.  I wouldn't blame him, though, cause I would probably wear the belt to work if given the opportunity.

Belt suggestions are appreciated.