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Game Thread for GT - Clemson

We better see one today.
We better see one today.

Clemson will win IF

  • Clemson will have to play sound assignment football on defense from start to finish today. Everyone has an assignment: dive, force the QB, pitch man, cutback, trail-follow, etc. If one person misses it, you'll see a big play.
  • The D must force fumbles. We have not forced many this year and have recovered even fewer. GT's system is more prone to them and an offense that will go for it on 4th down needs only 2.5 ypc. We have to get some turnovers.
  • Clemson must commit to running the football against this undertalented front through playcalling in power sets.
  • Parker must be efficient. A 7-of-20 day will not get it done. He has had key turnovers against GT that turned things to GT's favor in the last 2 games.
  • Everyone must CATCH the football.