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Week 8 Preliminary BlogPoll Ballot

Teams at the top moving up: Auburn after beating Arkansas, but since I had Arkansas below them, and Ryan Mallett was gone for half the game, I didn't penalize them. I still think Arky beats LSU because LSU's defense can't outscore them, unless Mallett is gone indefinitely.

Michigan State is playing the best ball of the Big Televen, so I think they should be way up there. Wisconsin beat my #2 and I have to put them up there around 10. Thankfully the Badgers have saved us from seeing an overrated OSU team in the national championship game get stomped.

Why Ohio State doesnt seem to take advantage of their athletic advantage over the Big 10 is beyond me.

I'm not moving LSU into the top 10 as bad as they play. They should've destroyed McNeese at home at night. You never know what they're going to do, and this week they play at Auburn. The win at Florida doesnt look so hot, but it is a pretty tough slate they've faced.

20-25 is a crap shoot as always.