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Deems May calls out Dabo and Napier

Deems May, former UNC player, and former player for the Chargers and Seahawks had a few words for this staff's performance against the Tarholes.

As much as I want to give all the credit to our players, I must say the failure of Clemson's offensive coordinator to identify our weaknesses played a big part in our success. Napier chose to stay in the no-huddle spread offense and let Kyle Parker continue to throw the ball. He mistakenly thought he could exploit our young corners. He was wrong.

He also failed to recognize our leader tackler -- Quan Sturdivant -- was in street clothes and his replacement Zach Brown was the fastest guy on the team and covered so much ground in the quick passing game as if he didn't watch the tape of the ECU game. He also didn’t notice that in the second half Jordan Nix was out and we were down to four defensive linemen. An experienced coordinator would've gone to two tight ends and pounded the ACC's leading rusher at us constantly. The reason I'm saying this is not to take away from our performance, but I want our fans to see the contrast. There are great recruiters out there and there are great game day coaches out there. There are very few that do both. Not only can our coaches recruit talent, but they can coach them, too. We have that in our coaching staff; we must keep this in tact. I will not -- and hope that all the readers don't want to -- go back to that feeling of four years ago."

And I'm hearing more rumblings that Dabo is interjecting more and more into the playcalls again.....