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Powell Changes his Tune....

Last week:

Has Ellington's performance over the first four games caused you to re-evaluate the distribution of carries at running back?

POWELL: "Not really. Jamie Harper didn't play as well this game as he'd liked to have played. We all know Jamie can make plays. Andre played 42 plays. I'm not sure he can play 62 plays. So whether it's 1A and 1B - you start giving him 50-something plays, I think you'll get diminishing results. We're going to keep it the way it is.

This Week:

 Dabo said that Andre {Ellington] will get more touches this week. What are your thoughts on that?

POWELL: I think Dabo’s right. Andre has been very productive and has been one of our best guys on offense. When you have a guy like that you have to figure out how to get him the ball to win a ball game. You’ve got to get him the ball as many ways as you can.

I think he’s earned that right [to be the starter], but keep in mind he can’t play sixty plays a game. We’ve got to roll backs into the game one way or the other.

How many carries or touches would you like for him to get this week?

POWELL: As many as he can handle [touches] and still be effective. When he starts getting 25 carries, I’m not so sure his 23, 24, 25th carries will be as good as Jamie’s 12th and 13th carry. Every game, it’s going to vary. We have to get him the ball more.

I'm so glad our staff is so bright, aren't you?