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Week 7 Preliminary BlogPoll Ballot

Finally we had some poll shakers and there will be another one with Arkansas vs. Auburn this weekend. I'm currently picking Arkansas, so shouldnt you rank them higher if you think they are better?  Auburn needed another last-minute play to win by the FG at the end over a weak Kentucky team, so I'm not convinced they are Top 10 material, more like 12-15. Nevertheless, its hard not to put them up there considering the unbeaten record.

SC deserves to be above Alabama, Alabama deserves to be over Arkansas, but SC has to be behind Auburn. I think Alabama has earned the right to stay up there, and is still insanely well-coached but SC still whooped them. Neither SC nor LSU deserve to be Top 10 teams yet, but the wins still count, even if their coaches have shown the ability to self-destruct with QB or playcalling decisions.

Everyone else moves down just because others got wins or deserved to go up. I'm back to where I started the season on Wisconsin, overrated team right now.