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Game Thread and Preview: Boston College @ Clemson

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Boston College Eagles (10-5, 1-0 ACC)


Clemson Tigers (12-3, 0-1)

When: 4PM @ Littlejohn, Raycom

Losses: to Maine, Harvard, St. Jo's, Rhode Island, Northern Iowa

Best wins: @ Providence, @ Michigan, UMass,Miami

Inexplicable how they could beat teams like that, and yet lose to horribly weak teams like Harvard and Maine. Rhode Island I can forgive, St. Jo's I can forgive, but not Ivy league when youre in the ACC. Kenpom currently projects BC to finish 6-10 in the ACC, which seems about right to me given their inconsistency so far. They rebound very well, but the rest of the statistics are not imposing considering the competition faced. Clemson averages more PPG, better defensive PPG and shooting percentage and forces far more turnovers than the Eagles.

Boston College Offensive Averages
PPG 73.5 9th ACC 104th Nationally
Assists per game 16.3 5th 32
Rebounds per game (offensive) 14.6 2nd 25
FG Pct. 45.4 11 96

Also, BC shoots only 32% from the arc. But as you can see, they follow their shots. Offensively they are led by 6'8 Forward Joe Trapani (15.2ppg, 7 Reb) and 6'6" Forward Corey Raji (13.3ppg, 7.3 Reb). Much of their lineup will fit the G-F or F-C positions, with tough hard nosed defense. What BC will do best at is trying to slow down the pace of this game and force Clemson to run a half-court offense. I expect a physical basketball game with a slower tempo than what Clemson would prefer.

But considering we've got UNC next week at home, this is essentially a must-win situation. If we fall to 0-3 in the ACC we'll be behind the 8-ball bigtime.

Defensive Averages
PPG Allowed 63.1 9th ACC 69th Nationally
Assists per game 10.5 4 44
Rebounds per game (defensive) 25.6 8th 69
FG Pct allowed 41.5 11 118

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