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Tigers choke in Chestnut Hill


I barely know what to say. That was absolutely pathetic. The complete lack of focus and intensity from this team in the first half is unforgivable. Mental preparation falls on the staff. Did they think they were going to walk all over any team that plays in the ACC?

  • Half court offense = bad, as usual. Spacing....spacing....SPACING. 3/16 from the arc.
  • BC ran a 3/4 court trap to slow the game down, and it worked to perfection as we ran the whole shot clock down without being aggressive, and then took a terrible shot. If we took decent shots then we'd be a better shooting team, but these guys didn't have a clue tonight in the first half (38%) Could we, maybe, perhaps, set up Andre Young for a 3 point shot....once? (1/7 shooting) 2nd half was considerably better to push us to 50% overall, just too many mistakes.
  • Tanner Smith, as much as I like his hustle, should not be handling the ball.
  • David Potter should be moved to floor mop duty. Start Noel Johnson NOW. I'd rather the kid play bad and learn, than just see Potter play bad and it not help us at all anytime. Potter didnt even play good defense tonight. He can't set a screen either.
  • Milton Jennings should be forced to shoot 200 layups. Too tentative with the ball. When you get the ball in the paint, and nobody is there, JAM it. Don't try some goofy backhand. Oglesby dunked the ball better than you do.
  • The rest of the team should shoot 100 FTs at the end of every practice.
  • Jerai Grant had a pretty good night (12pts), I liked that he actually showed the ability to run a pick & roll once, that was nice to see from a Clemson player. I still think at this point that I'd rather have Devin in the game. They were saying on TV that this was a "coming out" for Grant? HA HA. He can't even pull a rebound.
  • Would somebody please PISS Trevor Booker off enough so that he plays hard a whole game? I also think you should stop chest bumping and get your tail back on D.

We sit now at 3-4 in the ACC. 10-6 is out the window in my opinion. If Stitt can't play against Maryland, thats a loss.