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Georgia Tech pulls off last second victory over Tigers

Horrible execution. Sloppiness. Thats the theme from tonight.

The Tigers came out fighting, and Georgia Tech had trouble with the press to start, but they can pass a basketball in transition. We couldnt tonight. Georgia Tech, as I expected, beat us on the boards so badly for much of the game that I'm sure they have double the 2nd-chance points that we do. Between their rebounding and ability to break the press with good passes, I was surprised it was as close as it was in the 1st half. For much of the 2nd this continued, until Clemson was able to change up the defense and the press started to give GT problems. Then the GT lead evaporated as we closed the rebounding gap.

But Clemson turned the ball over 15 times, and GT just ripped us on fast breaks and transition baskets. I love watching Clemson defenders standing around when guys walk right up the lane as much as I love watching horrible touch/technique on free throw attempts.

Other scattered thoughts:

  • David Potter should not be on the damn floor. He's a body out there, use him to absorb fouls and sit him the rest of the time. You cant box out, you cant hit a damn lay up.
  • Milton Jennings looked like he's scared shitless. He's too damn tentative, and tonight looked horrible, absolutely horrible. Why did he switch hands on that easy lay in? Noel Johnson also took a step back.
  • Trevor Booker had an OK night. The stats look better than he played, to be blunt. I felt like he should've shot the ball more than he did, and could've had better position on some rebounds. 19 points and 9 rebounds, but I think he could've done so much better than this. I wish he would STOP putting the ball on the floor inside. Don't pass it, just shoot it. 3 turnovers.
  • The foul calls tonight were horrible too KARL HESS. GT pulls a hard foul inside with no call, and Booker gets called for ticky tack reach-in that should NEVER have been called. Referees handed it to GT.
  • Stitt was clearly not 100%, but that drive on the last possession was dumb. He got a high screen from Potter and the lane was open, but you were told to dribble off the clock. We could've played for OT.
  • Free throws. Jesus. 10/20. I dont see what the damn problem is, a free throw shot is easy, just PRACTICE it. GT is no better at 11/22.
  • GT won the rebounding battle 52-43, 22-18 offensive.
  • GT had a whopping 17 assists, to our 9.
  • Learn to hit a lay up. Easy baskets and numbers mismatches were not exploited.