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Kevin Steele leaving for DC at Tennessee....MAYBE NOT

2:30PM: Tiger Illustrated's Larry Williams is reporting that Kevin Steele has left for Tennessee to join Dooley's staff. Dan Brooks is not expected to follow him.

Expect Harbison to be named Coordinator. Steele is a UT graduate.


Within the last hour we can tell you we've received a phone call from a prospect (who did not want to go on the record) who said he spoke with Dabo in the last hour about Steele leaving for Tennessee. The prospect told us that Dabo communicated to him that Steele was staying at Clemson.

We've also spoken with two sources on campus who have told us that after Steele spoke with Dabo in the last hour and a half, he is now up in the air with the decision to stay at Clemson or leave for Knoxville. We cannot confirm whether Dabo has made Steele a counter-offer.

Steele, as of 5 p.m. today, is still in Clemson. We're told he is to be in communication with Tennessee coach Derek Dooley over his decision later this evening, but is not expected to be in Knoxville later tonight.

RUMOR: Dabo has made a counter offer to Steele in the neighborhood of 650K

******Steele is reportedly leaning towards staying in Clemson, he wants to sleep on it.*****

As of 6:14, Rivals TI reports that Steele has decided to stay at Clemson