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Game Thread for Clemson @ NC State

Apologize for the lack of a game preview, but had the football season review to finish as well as our Monday morning post that I would like everyone to read and send to your friends. Plus I totally forgot this game was a Nooner. Please vote in the poll for the season review.

Offensively the pitwolfies are led by PF Tracy Smith with 16.9 ppg and 8.75 Reb and F Dennis Horner with 13.1ppg. When the Pack wins, they shoot roughly 40% from 3 point range, and just 28% in losses. They average in the bottom half of the league in many defensive categories but are not as bad as that would make you think. I do believe they are vulnerable to the press, but the question is how well we play it on the road. I expect alot of screens to be set up to free Scott Wood after how it worked against the Noles.