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Raycom ACC Power Poll ballot, week 9

ACC Scores

The truth is that the chinks in the armor of Duke and UNC are showing, and I think its anyone's guess at the Top 4 or 5 teams in the conference, so I'll only go on what I've seen in person so far.

1. Duke - would've been easily #1 if not for their overreliance on the 3 pointer in Atlanta. Duke went 6/28 from the arc and Singler played very poorly. Still, I cant put UNC over them. WF and BC coming up.

2. UNC - recovered from a crushing loss at Kress Arena to CofC to handle Virginia Tech 78-64. Their guards are not the caliber of before, but they didnt play bad against the Hokies. In particular the Hokies tried to run with them in transition, and failed miserably at it and in their half court defense. @ Clemson, then GT at home next.

3. Wake Forest - I was all set to rank them above UNC....til they lost to Miami by 1. Maryland is coming up Tuesday.

4. FSU - lost to Maryland 77-68, how? I'd likely have moved them to #2 or #3 if not for that loss.

5. Clemson - yeah we lost to Duke pretty bad at Cameron, but some things against BC were encouraging. I thought the offense had improved a little but we're still a sloppy team.

6. Georgia Tech - beat Duke at home, then lost to a 9-5 Georgia team. Georgia loss knocks them down in my eyes, as Duke was incredibly cold from the floor, too cold for it to be all GT in my opinion.

7. Miami - weak schedule but beat WF at home. Could be the real deal. Miami and VT and UVA play this week. Look for them to move way up if they make it through unscathed.

8. Maryland - based on FSU performance, but we'll see if its a fluke when they play WF. My guess is they'll go back to the 10-12 range.

9. VT - here based on early season victories. Only played NC this week, and Miami next.

10. NC State - I can never figure out what the problem is. They would've beaten UVA if they could shoot free throws.

11. BC - difficult to know where to put them. I could've put them anywhere in the 8-11 range. Were not physical against Clemson, at least not as much as I expected. In the 2nd half their rebounding was shut down, which was really all that kept the game close early on.

12. UVA - dont care if they beat NCSU, they still are bad.