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The Man Discusses His ACC Legend Status/Defines Clemson Football


I don't understand why Clemson won't give Danny Ford the freaking respect that he deserves, as the ACC has given him the LEGEND status.  Read this article for the Q&A by Bob Gillespie (credit  My favorite portion is:


Q: Clemson hasn't won an ACC championship since 1991. Why has it been so long?

A: In my opinion, a lot of them didn't play Clemson football. I mean, if you say Ohio State to me, I know what Ohio State football is, I know how they play through reputation, what it meant. And I know what Clemson football was about, and I never saw it (in recent seasons).

Clemson football isn't fancy. Clemson football is having a good kicking game, winning with the kicking game, hit(ting) you on defense, don't turn the ball over and be(ing) able to control the ball. Now, they do it different than we did; they control the ball with the pass better than we did; we did it with the run, shorten(ed) the game.

(In recent seasons) it was always trying to be too cute, outcoach you. You don't outcoach people. You might outwork people, might out-hit people, you might out-fundamental people. But if you think you're smart, there's always someone on the other side just as smart, maybe smarter. It ain't what you know, it's how those kids perform. You got to have that philosophy, and I think I've seen it more (this season).

They've gotten back to it a little bit - not enough for me, but I don't coach anymore (laugh). If they win (the ACC), more power to them, congratulations, and don't forget how you got there.

You all know how much respect we have for Coach Ford (see Danny Ford section), and how pissed we still are at Lennon and Robinson and the BOT for the early 1990 debacle--which, BTW, that '90 team probably would have won it all had they left Frod alone, but that is a different story for a different day.  I am extremely eager to see Coach Ford get honored this weekend.  Clemson ought to have his name and a big Block-C on the side of the stadium.  It is a travesty that my university shuns the man who put Clemson football on the map.

Coach Ford is the man who gave us hope, dreams, championships, and my favorite Clemson moment: