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College Football Notes/Curfew Issues

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, and is preparing for a great New Year.  A lot has happened in college football since my last post.  The Urban Meyer story will surely have an impact on college football, as this will definitely move head coaches and assistants all over the place and I am sure we will discuss any implications that this and all other coaching moves will have on the Tigers.  I would also like to commend June Jones for an excellent job revitalizing the SMU program.  I am definitely amped up about Clemson's game this evening and Bammer's big game next week, and will probably reference Saban a few times as we get closer to that one.

In Clemson news, the Tigers will be playing without four players today due to these guys missing curfew.  The biggest loss here is Jamie Cumbie, who definitely adds some quality depth to the defensive line.  Clemson will definitely miss Cumbie, but the message sent by Coach Swinney is clear.

We have also enjoyed the series looking back on nice Clemson wins, and would like to put together more items like this.  While we have plenty of good ideas, if anyone has an idea or a thought that they would like to be explored, please pass along these requests.  I would like to explore some of my favorite players and games as we move along, and will begin this research to give us some banter in downtime.  I am sure, if it is Clemson related, either Dr. B or myself can discuss at great length any subject you would like to explore.

Enjoy today's contest and we will surely chat about this one in the up-coming week.  Go Tigers!