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Clemson defeats ECU 80-63

Tigers vs Pirates boxscore

A few thoughts after this game, which we thoroughly controlled from the opening tip. We made up for the 0-11 3pt shooting with a 7/15 clip from the starters in the first half to build a 46-29 lead, but only shot 10/24 overall.

  • Tanner Smith continues to carry the load outside, especially after Stitt got a shot in the mouth. 14 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Thank YOU Tanner for following shots and hustling. Both he and Andre Young combined for 30 points which is great. Young 4/7 from 3pt range. Tanner gets my vote for team MVP so far.
  • Trevor Booker showed much improved passing skills, netting 9 assists to go with 13 points and 12 rebounds. If this can continue then Trevor gets the looks inside that he needs to score.
  • But look at the half-by-half comparo, 34-34 score in 2nd half play. Weak defensive effort in the 2nd half. Refs were calling alot of fouls however.
  • The freshmen got to play late and it showed on defense. Noel Johnson wouldnt take shots that were wide open and fouled out. Jennings put up 8 in 10 game minutes and took his open jumpers. Devin put up 9 in 14 minutes but only 3 rebounds, and played longer than Grant did.
  • David Potter....still a liability offensively. 3 points in 28 minutes on 1/7 shooting.
  • Clemson won the rebounding stats: 14-13 on offense, 40/37 overall. I think this must improve.
  • The defense forced only 14 turnovers and ECU shot 41%, but their relying on the 3 killed them, 3/12 overall.