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Recruiting Tidbits



  • Of course by now you've heard that SC OL coach Eric Wolford will take the Youngstown State HC job, probably because you've seen cockfans go nuts about it. I was amused at the comments I saw on FGF..."that son of a bitch! he's a traitor" etc., and every other time I see them freak out, but I imagine there are plenty of Clemson fans on TNet just as dumb who would post the same garbage. I don't know who all Wolford was the primary recruiter for that we want, but it gives Clemson a better shot at someone like OL Morgan Moses. Maybe AJ Cann would reconsider us, with both Sapp and Bowers also being from Bamberg. Eric Mack has commented in the past that Wolford was the primary reason he committed to USuC, but he's from Calhoun County, and we've got no shot there. Coaches are hardline cluckers. If anything, Mack could go to Florida.
  • DT Ethan Farmer has set an official visit to Clemson on January 15th. He is saying he's even between NC State, UNC, and CU. Farmer would be a huge get late in this class, but something tells me he's UNC bound. He said he would base his pick off athletic and academic programs, and for some reason rates UNC ahead of Clemson in athletic program? He is being recruited by Dan Brooks. His parents like both schools. He plans to decide on Feb. 3.
  • Clemson still leads for 3-star DT Tra Thomas, who now sits with 11 offers from CU, WVU, Michigan State, Louisville, and Duke among others. Am I the only one surprised to see Duke among so many prospect's lists?
  • Rivals expects to move up both Watson and Gibson to 4-star status, matching that of Scout.
  • Vic Beasley plans to also visit on Jan 15. He says only Auburn is really after him, and calls himself a "soft commit to Clemson." Napier is his recruiter, and Napier's dad is his OC. His father went to Auburn. Clemson plans to use him at TE, while Auburn's Ted Roof is recruiting him as a LB.
  • Video of DeAndre Hopkins
  • No word on extra LBs being recruited in this class with the loss of Jake Nicolopoulos. If we dont get Parker, we could get Darius Lipford away from UNC. Dan Brooks played football with his father so we have a shot. He plans to visit on Jan 8.
  • Curious why I dont see Brad Scott's name mentioned anywhere.....if he's an outstanding recruiter, why isn't he after Moses all-out? Why dont I see Brad visiting recruits further than 20 miles from Clemson? However if we get Garcia, we should be done at OL this year.
  • With Will Korn now leaving, Clemson plans to offer Hutson Mason of Lassiter, GA. He has visited UGA (official) and Miss State (unofficial), and is a late offer from nearly everyone after a senior year of 4500+ yards passing. He says he has offers from FSU and UVA as well. From his film, he seems to have good feet but not a very strong arm.
"I just talked to the Clemson offensive coordinator, and they are about to offer me. They just had a kid transfer out, so they only have two quarterbacks on scholarship. I will try to go there for a visit next week, and then make my decision. It is pretty much down to Mississippi State, Clemson, and Georgia,"

"Going into the Clemson visit, really Georgia and Mississippi State are even. These first two visits have set the bar high, but we will see what the Tigers have to offer. I will talk it over with my parents after I get back from Clemson, and we will discuss what is the best place for me," said Mason.