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Clemson defeats Winthrop 102-66


#19 Clemson started a little sloppy tonight on offense, with inconsistent passing and just lackadaisical ball handling, but some credit should go to a Winthrop team that really faught hard until their legs gave way to the Press.

Rebounds- CU 44-28

3 pt line - CU 8/17

CU had 20 assists and forced 26 turnovers, but gave it up 17 times. A good bit of that is inflated by the backups being in and being sloppy with the ball.

I don't have a well-formed opinion of this team yet, having only seen us play twice against weak competition. I will say that so far the defense has been good, but the half-court offense still needs a little work. We're just so good on defense and at forcing turnovers that we're killing the weak part of the schedule. I'm anxious to see us play A&M to see what we can showcase.

Tanner Smith has been good, and plays ball very hard on defense. His stroke is improving. Andre Young needs to work a little on passing inside, but again Trevor Booker wasn't in for that long. Devin Booker has surprised me just a little, I knew he had some height on his brother but he's actually a better player than Trevor was as a freshman, I believe. He wont play as much as Trevor did as a frosh though. Narcisse has probably made more of an impression than anyone out of the backups, and has shown why he got that late offer. Baciu still looks lost on offense. Noel Johnson is a future superstar I think, but we'll see.

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