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The Les Miles Syndrome: Redux


via LSUfreek

Its been a little while since Les did something so stupid to be worthy of an update. Losing to #1 Florida is excusable. The loss to Alabama wasn't because the refs hosed them (and they did) on the INT replay, but other than the playcalls at times there was nothing obvious that he'd done that was just stupid.

But what Lester did yesterday at Ole Miss again displays why I think he's a horrible gameday coach. I was at LSU until this year, I've seen what the man does during games, and sometimes its gutsy, but sometimes its just uncanny. Hell even that wackjob Houston Nutt couldnt make sense of it, so you know it was just fucking dumb

"I don't know what all happened down there at the end," Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said. "I just know the scoreboard read 25-23 Ole Miss Rebels."

 1. At 6min left in the 2nd quarter, after just going ahead 17-9, when LSU's defense had held Mississippi to a field goal on their last drive, Lester decides to onside kick.

Wait.....what? 2nd quarter? With a lead? On the road? Yes thats Les.

Ole Miss takes the ball on the LSU 47 to start, and make it 17-15 after missing the 2pt conversion.

Perspective: Les is being either stupid or ballsy. He wants to put the game away.

2. Ole Miss goes ahead 25-17 late, LSU answers with a long scoring drive to make it 25-23. The 2pt conversion has a PI call on Ole Miss, putting the ball on the 1. LSU calls the same play again, pass isnt caught. Score stuck at 25-23.

Perspective: A fade route is generally a great call with LSU's receivers, even if its back-to-back the same play. At the one yard line you wouldnt think about doing something else though?

3. Onside kick recovered at 1:16 to go in the 4th at the LSU 42. Brandon Lafell catches a pass down to the Ole Miss 32. Remember, FG wins the game.

Situation: LSU's kicker is not extraordinary, but hit a 52 yard FG last week and is 11/14 this year. Both LSU starting RBs this year are out and they've had hardly any success running all day. LSU has good WRs. LSU has 2 timeouts left.

You've got time to either set the ball up for a kick, or go to the endzone. Whatever you do, you can't take a sack. You go max-protect or tell him to get rid of it if the primary is not there.

What would you do here? What do you think Danny Ford would do? I say I would throw once, then run the ball up the middle once, then kick on 3rd down. I think Ford would run three quick run plays, call his timeouts and kick it.

First play, incomplete pass under pressure. 2nd play, sacked to the LSU 42, out of FG range, LSU Timeout with 32 seconds left.

3rd & 19 from the Ole Miss 41, throw a swing pass to the sideline for a loss of 7 to the 3rd string RB. Then they let the clock run....all the way to 9 seconds before the TO is called.

What? who would be that stupid? Les.

Hail Mary situation setup, you cant kick it. FG wins it. You have to go to the endzone or catch it close then run the FG team out. Have to have them ready to go. Miracle pass is caught at the Ole Miss 6, I wonder if Les' golden horseshoe must still be up his ass, with 0:01 left.

Les tells his QB to spike the ball. Uhhhhhh what?

Who would be that stupid? Who doesnt know that with 1 second left, if you snap the ball then that second will run off?

Lester Miles.

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