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Clemson clinches the ACC Atlantic!

Finally....Clemson has won something. Dabo has done in 1.5 what Tammy couldn't figure out in 10. I almost feel optimistic about Clemson football again.

Since I was at the game, I made a point to look at coverages and other things that you can't see on TV, like route running. I was not particularly impressed with it, but our seniors are better at route running than they were earlier in the season.

Just a few thoughts before the film review....I may just do a review of the defense this week because the offense wasn't flashy, they just executed well.

The defense overpursued in the first half and we lost containment several times. There were missed coverage assignments leading to their TD plays. They were 5/6 on 3rd downs in the first half. They ran the ball all over us early, they nailed some trick plays, and made their blocks. Credit should go to them for trying to throw the playbook at us. However, I counted 3 definite holding calls that Ron Cherry, the ACC's affirmative action posterchild, missed.

You did your best to give us the business Ron.

The inside guys at DT were being pushed around again, and the LBs were not coming into their gaps as they should.

I knew at halftime that they would not score again on us, solely because the problems that allowed them to do it were correctable with a Steele tongue-lashing. This man can make great adjustments, they were 1/7 on 3rd down in the 2nd half.

Steele: "We were playing out of control.  We were not doing our job.  We were trying to do too much.  There were some issues that we did have to scheme up at halftime.  We gave them a few calls, but nothing that we don't already have.  We dusted a few things off and let them go.  That's it in a nutshell. "

But I dont think they should've had the short field to score the first one. The celebration penalty was for a salute, and not even to their player? Horseshit call from my vantage point.

The stats may show we had a good defensive day, allowing 78 yards rushing, but Sewell got sacked much more late and his -43 yards there are really the key indicator. Simpson was not really stopped.

Offensively, Parker had his most efficient day yet. 19/26 for 234 and 2 TDs. I believe, without looking it up, that its the best completion percentage he's had yet. There were a couple badly thrown balls but it was a great day.

My biggest beef was the 4th & 2 playcall early. I would've gone for it, but I think the call was just stupid. There were other situational calls I didnt like, and I never like going with an empty set in the redzone.

I'm surprised CJ didnt break one today. 19 carries for 58 yards is not like him.There were a couple runs where he was just about to break it but was caught. He was dragging today, and he looks like he's about to fall over sometimes. There is something wrong with Spiller besides that toe. Ellington and Harper picked up the slack.

Now for the annual chickin kickin.

Thank God we don't have Les Miles, as he made an addition to the Les Miles Syndrome today against Ole Piss, then blamed his QB for his own stupidity in game management.