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Clemson vs Coastal Carolina 49-3, Film review and Drive Chart

Clemson Tigers stats

Chanticleers vs Tigers boxscore

1st Drive-Start running the football, and have to call a timeout for having the wrong personnel on the field two plays into the game. Mentally not in the game. They are showing Cover 2 Zone. Parker scrambles for a first. Ford catches a bubble screen for a loss, Dye didnt block the man across from him. If he had, it would've been a nice gain down the sideline but Ford cut back and got tackled. The pass to Barry down the seam route to Barry was underthrown. Parker scrambles for another 1st. Parker slips for a loss, but his knee never touched the ground. Pass to Clear is jumped by the CB playing the flat zone in Cover 2, Clear should've faught for that ball better, but he should've also been blocked by Hairston who was late getting over. They had the right defense called for it.

R, R-penalty, P, R, P, P, P-i, R, R, R, R, P-INT

The offensive line looked ok on this drive, decent push on zone runs, but the offense just didnt execute well enough.

D-3&out, showing Cover 1. A penalty for illegal substitution gives CCU a 1st down. Again, not mentally there, but another 3 & out is forced.

2nd drive-End around fake to Ford with Harper taking it inside doesnt work because McClain cant handle his man. Harper takes a lead play to the right side, had a cutback lane open, but went to the designated hole behind McClain on 3rd & 1 and was stopped short. Why no Spiller in here? Its not like he had to run on the punt, it was kicked out of bounds. Parker stares down Dye down the sideline on a vertical route, and threw it without looking back to the other side of the field. Play-action TD pass to Ford on a corner route probably should not have been thrown, he was covered but made a play. The SE was open on a In-route, and Barry was slightly open on a corner route underneath. Probably should've hit the SE. 7-0

R, P, R, , R-offsides penalty, P-i, PA P, R,PA P-TD. 7 plays 62 yds.

D-Crezdon Butler had excellent instincts to break on a bubble screen and clocked that WR. 3&out.

Spencer Adams gets a push in the back on the punt return, and really didnt need to.

3rd Drive-End around to Ford, Taylor makes a decent block (but didnt hold it) and we should've gotten a horse collar tackle. End of 1st QTR. Ellington in, why not Spiller? Dumpoff PA pass to Allen was overthrown, wouldve gotten a 1st down easily. Rollout pass to Ellington in the flat is thrown a little behind him and he cant handle it. No touch on these passes. 4th &2 pass to Clear, who was NOT open at all, gets a PI call and a 1st down. If he wanted to hit Clear on that play, he should've led him over the shoulder. WR Pass Ford to Dye gets the TD. 14-0


R, R, R, PA P-i, P-i, PI penalty, 23 yd TD pass from Ford. Well executed play.

D-playing Nickel, Cover 2 against these 3/4 wide sets. I see some FLEX front. We shoud've gotten an intentional grounding call, the RB #22 was slipping off the RT, but Childers threw the ball towards the left side of his Center. He wasnt even looking at that RB. Crezdon Butler picks off the next pass and brings it back 47 yds. Ball was underthrown, and the guy was covered, I'm not sure what he was looking at. The safety was right behind Butler on the guy.

4th Drive-Spiller gets a chunk on cutback zone rush, since again the right side cant budge people. Takes the next play in untouched on a zone run for the TD. 21-0

D-Replay didnt show a fumble as being conclusive when Goodman and McDaniel converged on #22. Looked like his right knee came down at the same instant the ball came out. See some 30 fronts with a Dime set. 3 & out.

5th Drive-The INT was a PA half-roll and it hung up. Parker could've hit Jaron Brown on the post at the instant the ball was thrown. I was wrong earlier, this one is more on Parker than Brown. The ball could've hit him in stride, however Brown couldve stayed on his FEET to catch this, and stopped running when he didnt need to. The defender had given up the inside position and stood behind him to pick it off.


D-CCU gets their first 3rd down conversion because KA and Cumbie missed tackles. Brandon Thompson blows up a screen. Childers scrambled again up the middle on a 3rd down for a 1st, Maye got blocked out by the Guard and Chavis got double-teamed, it was a 3-man ODD front with an outside blitzer. CLEMSON STILL GETS EATEN UP BY QB DRAWS. Watch what Christian Ponder does this week to us if he's able to play.

6th Drive-noticed Cloy in at LG, Norris at RG, Lambert at LT. Walker makes a good seal block to break Harper free on a big gain, as did Taylor on the outside matched on the DE. Rendrick Taylor runs right down the seam and lets the ball come to him instead of using his hands, and it ricochets off his chest pads. Offensive line doing better pushing them off the ball. Pass overthrown to Allen, again didnt extend his hands.

P-i, R, R, P-i, P-i

D-1st down run when Clemson was playing with only 2 down linemen, both DEs were not set but stemming pre-snap, not sure what front call that was. Clock runs out.


CCU- 87 total yards, 74 on the ground, only 2 completed passes

Clemson-204, 111 on the ground

D-they got the first down on 4th &1 sneak, Thompson was playing a Shade Tilt, and charged right into the A-gap, and the QB ran right around him behind the LG.  Next set of downs goes 3  & out.

1st Drive-Ellington on some zone running getting good yardage, then takes a sweep off-tackle for the TD 55 yards. Good blocking all around. 28-0 R, R, R

D-QB keeper is stopped by Gilchrist on a CAT blitz with Sapp. Looks like the QB is cramping up badly. 3 & out.

2nd Drive-WILLY KORN comes in. OL continuing their good blocking, good push. Grant in at LG. Good block by Barry on the perimeter to spring Korn for a 1st down scramble. Pass to Brown for the TD was all on him, a little inside screen, pisspoor tackling by CCU, great blocking by Marquan Jones. 35-0

R, R, R, P, R, P-TD

D-first pass picked off by Rashard Hall playing free, returned inside the 10. He just walked over and the ball came to him down the middle on a vertical route. Watch Andre Branch make a great block into the endzone.

3rd drive-two run plays, Korn takes it in from 4 out. 42-0

D-Clemson running 2nd teamers out there. 3&out.

4th Drive starts inside their 40. Harper takes zone cutback to the 20. A screen pass to B. Ford in the flat gets a few, J.Grant looked slow getting over to block for the screen. Harper takes it in from 3 yards. 49-0 Clemson still good run blocking inside.

R, P, R, P, R, R-TD.

Kickoff returned for a TD but called back on a push in the back. Pitiful tackling. The push in the back was not needed to spring him free.

3rd QTR ends during next defensive set. 3&out.

5th Drive-Guys way down the depth chart are playing on the Line now. Korn misses an easy throw to Watson with some pressure in his face. 3 & out.

D is getting pushed around INSIDE through much of the rest of the 4th quarter. Poor play by the interior linemen but Corico Hawkins did make a few great plays, he has outstanding speed. Tackling was poor and bad angles taken, which you can expect from the backups. They ate much of the 4th Qtr clock on their scoring drive, 49-3.

Not going to continue drive-by-drive analysis. My earlier impression about the OL blocking wasn't quite right, we did block ALOT better after the first drive, but there was still some crispness that was missing throughout the day. Mostly execution problems and POOR touch by Parker on some throws. Not an efficient day for him by any means, which I hope was because of the wet ball. Honestly I would've liked to see us go no-huddle again and work on that for next week, when I'm sure it will be needed and useful against that FSU defense.

Emphasis clearly shifted to the WRs in the passing game, and I wanted to see the younger guys get involved, but it shows in the execution. More fucking screens, more pre-Wake Forest playcalling. This game was useful in getting some catches for alot of young guys, but still I wonder.....where the hell is Marquan Jones? Where was Dwayne Allen today?