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Latest on LB recruit Justin Parker

Speaking about his official visit to Sakerlina this weekend.

"It went pretty good, It was nice; I liked it.

"It was crazy, I think that's the loudest it's been since my sophomore year when I went there for a game.  I haven't been to a game yet that loud.  I liked the atmosphere; it was intense

"I think they played pretty good for the most part, they never gave up.  They played till the clock ran out.  That's what stood out to me.

Two former teammates of his are pushing him to sign with the Gamecocks, using the fact that USC offered him first to pressure him into signing.

"I think I fit in the defense pretty good, I talked to Coach (Ellis) Johnson and he said if I do come there, I could play a position like Norwood plays.  I'm used to getting back into coverage and things like that, so I think I would do that well.  They just want to move me around and let me move around."

ON Steven Orr

"He was telling me that they need linebackers and that I could be one of the great ones to go there.  He made a good impression.  He was saying that if I came in with some of the other guys, we could have a great team and win the SEC.  That really kind of stood out to me."



"They do still have the lead, They were able to (increase it).  It helped a lot, just getting to do some things and see some things I wouldn't see or do if I wasn't on an official, meeting some of the players and things like that."

"I'm still planning, I've got to take my other visits to compare and see how big the lead is."

The 6'3" 230lb LB is rated #8 by Rivals at the Inside Mike position. His visit to Clemson is tentatively scheduled for the Banquet weekend, but that can change. He's reportedly also considering NC State and Colorado, but its pretty much Clemson vs. Sakerlina on this kid. Clemson led for his services until recently, when the pressure from his teammates' now at Sakerlina swayed him in their favor.

Since he didnt commit, I still believe we have a shot here. Just got to get him on campus for an official. He's been here for several unofficials.