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More of the same shit

I dont have anything good or constructive to say today.

Damn I thought we fired Spence and Tammy's bitchasses last year? What I saw today was a loss in true Bowden fashion. Complete ineptitude, lost in all 3 phases. Totally unprepared to play. Defense came out a little flat and played one half of football, offense was inept at basically everything, ST cost us a punt then 2 FGs. I'm surprised this team knows how to wipe their own ass at times. Spiller is the only man on the field who has a clue.

I'm "all out" with Billy Napier after today; I've given him a free pass as best as I can, but he's 12 games into it now. No identity. What kind of offense are we? Power I or Gun spread? This was a weak defense (last in the ACC) and a team that lost to Rutgers and MTSU, and nearly lost to a I-AA team. They gave this offense every possible gift we could get, and we pissed it away. Whether you have a weak OL or QB, or young WRs, there are ways to get them into the game flow and establish rhythm, and its not being done. We're totally inept and if not for CJ Spiller being an NFL 1st rd pick, we'd not be able to do anything.

Playcalling-Shitty, I can't wrap my head around whatever the fuck Napier is trying to do. Its not rocket science to call plays that make sense. If Walker cant handle his man, dont call pass plays that require a 5-step or 7-step drop. If we get no push to the right, run left. WTF are Hairston and Austin rated so highly for? If you run only 3 or 4 formations over and over, you better be able to execute from them. If your QB doesnt play worth a damn and your WRs cant catch, line up in the I and run the goddamn football to the FIELD, not the damn BOUNDARY. Put CJ in space, not the short side of the field idiot. I'm charting the plays this week, this game was atrocious.

Offensive line-shitty, no fucking excuse for today, this is a weak defensive line. No push. Three false starts, two of which were critical from a down & distance standpoint. Too much pressure on Parker, even when in max protection.

QB and WR play-shitty, WRs still can't catch when theyre open. J. Brown dropped TWO passes when BOTH hit him in the NUMBERS. Parker throws behind them when they get open too often, his shoulder is still flying open. I wish he would run it himself a few times instead of hitting a man in the flats and having the throw cause him to fall down because Parker cant hit 'em in stride.

And we get two first downs inside their 40 at the end, and cant get anywhere close to a 1st down? Particularly the 2nd? RUN THE DAMN FOOTBALL and spot the ball at the middle of the field and then kick it, its obvious you havent done shit all day so dont expect a TD. At least tie the game when you get a gift 2nd chance when you fucked up the first.

Defese-bad for one half. Inability to tackle for one half. At least Steele can make adjustments at halftime. D. McDaniel runs himself out of plays for the 2nd week in a row, and has to tackle with his fingers. No consistent pressure against a line that gives up tons of sacks already. They did better in the 2nd but were nowhere to be seen earlier. Blitzes seemed to get no pressure at all. Ricky Sapp a total non-factor.

Clemson is a 5-7 team right now. I don't think it can be fixed to end up any better than that before the end of the year. 8-4 is out the window, 7-5 would be a blessing. We cannot expect to do any better than being an average team. There is no reason to bitch about us not being respected by ESPN or the rest of the media, because even though we have the 'talent', we dont have the team to get that respect back.