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Impressions of 49-3 victory over Coastal Carolina

-bleh, wasnt a pretty game, certainly not as good as I expected to see. If this had been an ACC game, with this lack of emotion and concentration, we'd have lost today. Offense was not crisp, it was just that CCU is terrible. Probably will not do an exhaustive film review this week, but only cut out a few clips. The gameplan was clearly shifted to emphasis on WRs from what it has been the last two weeks.

ESPN play-by-play

-Why do they try to build up a player for the Heisman and then not get him the ball? Spiller got 5 carries. I can see taking the guy out with a big lead, but if you want to win a Heisman trophy you need to roll up a couple hundred yards against pitiful competition. Oklahoma doesnt take out Bradford with a 30pt lead til late, Florida doesnt take out Teabag with a 30pt lead, Texas doesnt yank McCoy....c'mon at least give him a shot. I hope its for his toe but that should be healed.

-Specifically, the pass offense left much to be desired. Parker was not sharp (7/16 70yds 1TD 2INT) and this game shouldve been used as a tuneup. I am not saying he should've thrown for 300, or even 250, but an efficient day is not asking too much.  Korn was 5/6 for 55yds and 1  TD in mop-up duty.

-The TD to Jacoby Ford should not have been thrown, it couldve been easily picked off. There was a receiver open underneath. Parker forced that ball.

-The INT towards J. Brown was on him. I don't know why he just stopped running his route. The ball wasnt underthrown, he just quit running and the defender got leverage on him. The INT on the WR screen later I'm not sure about, it looked like they had it read perfectly and Clear didnt want to fight for it. I'll look at the film on that one.

-Rendrick Taylor got a chance to get some PT back, and showed why he hasn't been playing lately. No excuse for dropping the pass he got down the seam. Tried to catch with his body. He looks confused and doesnt block well.

-Dwayne Allen....where was he? Part of the inconsistency with the passing game shows in the receptions by backs and TEs. 3 catches for 23 yards.

-Running game wasnt superb, but I was happy with it as the game progressed. Early on we should've done better than we did, but Harper (76yds) and Ellington (88) both had good days on the ground. 37 carries for 252 on the ground total. Had they brought Spiller in to pad some stats, it would've been well into the 300's.

-Defense, well about how we expected. Domination. 27 yards passing allowed, but 143 rushing. A chunk of that total came against the backups on their scoring drive late. Sad to not get the goose egg, and the lack of sacks. I only counted two official ones by LB Corico Hawkins.

****Bowers sustained a sprained PCL and should be back for FSU.***

-I'll make my prediction now, Rashard Hall will be All-American next year.

Now on to FSU, which will hopefully be a night game in Death Valley.

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