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Monday Quick Notes

Here are a few notable blurbs regarding CU athletics:

The media voted Clemson preseason ACC #3over the weekend, behind only Duke and UNC.  This is a testament to OP and the fantastic job that he has done since taking over this program.  This team has gone from pathetic to legitimate in the toughest basketball league in the land.  Props to OP; I hope Trever Booker is correct in his prediction of some sort of ACC crown and a big run in the tourney.

The ACC anounced today that the Clemson FSU game will be optioned by ESPN/ABC, meaning that game time will be decided Nov. 1.  I sincerely hope this game will be a night game in the Valley, and don't think I will get many arguments from the Clemson crowd.

CJ Spiller, DeAndre McDaniel, and Kyle Parker were honored for several awards following the Miami game.  All three earned ACC player of the week honors, and Spiller and McDaniel also earning some national awards.

Michael Palmer, as many reported after the game, did suffer a concussion Saturday and will be held out of drills early in the week to assure all is well with the senior TE.  I would suspect we will not see him on the filed Saturday against Coastal for precautionary purposes.  Palmer has been Clemson's best overall receiver in terms of route running and catching the ball, and Clemson will definitely need him down the stretch.