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Welcome to Shakin The Southland!

Welcome to Shakin The Southland!

We've now moved over to this new site, part of the SB Nation network of blogs. As you can see the format of the new digs is pretty cool. The old site will stay up for the links, but will no longer be updated. We hope you'll join and comment regularly!

So for those who are new to SBNation, and our blogs, there are some new things to go over, in addition there is a guide on the left sidebar.

1. Anonymous comments wont be around, you have to join to comment or use your Yahoo/Open ID to post a reply.

2. This is not Tigernet. I'm not as lenient as Crump and BMeist are, nor as lenient as Ard on TI's message boards. If you post alot of personal attacks on people, your comment will be removed and we'll stop you from posting. If you call a poster here an idiot, then you should hope I agree with you that he is. You are free to post your opinion and argue all you like, but keep the nonsense out of it. Stay on topic please.

You are allowed to curse, this is a blog and we all get pissed off about games when we lose.

Thats really our only rule above SBNation's rules.

About us: Both Clemson grads in 2003 and former roommates, both diehard Danny Ford fans.

FF stayed on a couple more years to get his Masters at CU while I ran off to LSU to get my doctorate. Neither of us are sunshine pumpers, but also not negative nancies. We try to take a day off when the Tigers lose to think about it without posting knee-jerk over-the-top reactions, and both of us are pretty cynical and pragmatic. We might not be the most humorous blog around, but try to give the best coverage and check our facts as best we can.

Hopefully this transition will prove as beneficial as others in the past...