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Impressions before looking at the film....BC25-7

Holy shit what an ugly game offensively. I would not say the offensive line ever controlled the front for BC. If we cant control the front against MTSU, GT, or BC, who can we beat up front? My general impression of the playcalling was that it was FUCKING AWFUL, but I'll wait til I watch it again to pass judgement on Napier for the day.

Artistic rendition of Clemson's OL play:

Special teams was outstanding though.

-Parker is hitting open spaces early, but two throws were poor. The first was underthrown into what looked like a Cover 2, with the LB playing deep middle zone (almost like a Tampa 2). That ball shouldve been about 5-10 yards ahead of the WR. Never underthrow balls down the middle. Missed opportunity. The 2nd was another bad throw, and it appears behind the receiver, who is cutting an out/corner route. Parker doesnt seem to notice the underneath zone player.

All in all, he took a step backwards today and looked young. TCU plays a matchup zone different from BC (more like what Clemson plays), so lets hope the zone defense wasnt what caused issues.

-4-3 Under look during most of this game, and we look damn good, excellent penetration and bad technique by their front line. K. Alexander is playing quite a bit on early downs. I have not seen domination by a Clemson DL like this over BC, ever. They always always give us fits up front, and today we beat them SOUNDLY.

-The fumble was that their QB pulled out from under Center too soon, dont apply bedroom principles to football son. We get the ball in the redzone.

-Korn comes in, floats one in the flat again a little, but they defended it excellently, dont like the play call. They then blitzed him on 3rd down and the right side gave up penetration. Don't put that one on Korn, the right side didnt block on Spiller's 1st down carry either. 4 plays -8 yards, AWFUL. Clemson should be ahead a minimum of 20-0 by now. We are able to move the ball on them, and get the ball in the redzone and cant do shit?

BC however is playing very sound fundamental zone defense, so they deserve credit. They drop to their spots and pay attention, and good zone defense gets really tight in the red zone.

-Clemson is hitting an inside/zone handoff play, very few HB Power plays, a contrast to last week.

"Clemson can get jiggy with you"-Doc Walker is good for at least one dipshit comment per half. I wish to God they'd get rid of Steve Martin.

-Ellington just dropped a pass that hit his numbers for the 1st down at the end of the first half. 16-0, should be 20-0 at least, but given how well we could move it, it could get to 27-0.

137 yards for CU, -2 total yards for BC at halftime.

-I like that Clemson is going for it on 4th downs, because our Defense is playing lights out, but we have got to get more push up front. The 2nd 4th & 1/2 we went for was a HB Power play and the interior line went nowhere but backwards.

-McDaniel's pick, looked like we were in matchup Cover 2, but maybe I didnt see Hall.

Then the lightning delay begins, effectively a 2nd halftime. Chris Hairston is badly injured it seems, and trainers are helping him off the field. I hear its a Sprain. Jamarcus Grant is not dressed today due to fever. Taylor is not playing today because of a violation of team rules.

-We come back out, and the offense STILL cant do anything, and the Defense looks flat. We cant take the extra halftime to make adjustments? BC's QB capitalizes because McDaniel and/or Maye are coming into the B/C gaps on blitzes and not slowing down and watching the pass rush develop a little. If they had their QB would not have been able to scramble. Perhaps shouldve run McDaniel on a delayed blitz.

-Ellington had only one hand on the football on the fumble; he was carrying it high. Bad things happen with Korn in the game today.

-On their only TD, Clemson blitzed and the flexed WR got a little bump and got behind the coverage. I didnt see who missed him, but looks like the FS had to pick the TE or the #2 receiver, picked the TE, and couldnt recover. I think that was a mistake by a LB, who shouldve picked up the TE at the LOS. The CB picked up #1 to his side like he should, and stuck with him into the flat, and the FS should usually pick up #2.

-2nd Lightning Delay, Raycom said they were live streaming, and have fucked it up. Thank you WLOS for ditching the real Clemson fans in the upstate and going to show Nebraska, I dont give a fuck about ABC and the size of this market. Thank you Raycom for promising live streaming, and not having the damn good sense to buy bandwidth so people can watch it.

-I didnt see the next drive that resulted in a FG but did see the highlight of Jones making a big catch and run. CJ is officially out with that toe injury from MTSU.

-Clemson started to be able to run the football, which is all you can do here now, and cant get a drive going. A huge punt pins them at the 1, and then Tuggle throws a deep route inside towards the Safety J.Meeks and he picks it off. Korn comes back in. Ellington bounces one outside down to the 11, watch Korn come up right behind him. Korn goes nowhere on the next play, but does keep the clock moving by taking a sack, and we have to kick it AGAIN. Defense holds and we take the knee.

The defense and special teams are the only highlight to this game, so heres the link to find the new Block-C DF-style caps. Much better than the fucking hideous blue one in Tiger Town.