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Impressions before looking at the film...30-27Tech

Actually I'm not terribly upset after this game. Clemson played awful for one quarter, and then, as youre supposed to, shut down the FB Dive play altogether by the outstanding play of our DL. Clemson's offense took a quarter to get things together, and put together some nice drives. I predicted this as a loss in the preseason, and I'm not ready to say we'll never lose again, but I'm encouraged more than I have been in many years.

A Bowden coached team would've rolled over and lost by 30 points, but Swinney's decision to run that fake is what cost us this game.

Before I look at the film, I will give my impressions of the game.

-Lambert got whipped even while he was holding Morgan on the 4th down call, actually I'm convinced that Cory Lambert is a truly awful offensive tackle. He got his ass beat the entire first half. WHY did the coaching staff not shift the TE over to the right side? Why was Taylor not put in at H and sent there to block?

Did you see how we adjusted in the 2nd half? They moved Hairston over to RT. He can handle Morgan. Late in the game GT's defense was gassed.

-On the 82 yard TD: Bowers totally missed his assignment first. He went down to a blocker, when he was supposed to be the FORCE player on the QB. He went to the inside, got hit, and Nesbitt was free. Then, Conner missed his assignment, resulting in the touchdown. Watch his head pivot left/right when the pitch was made. His job is the trailing offensive back, not the QB. YOU PLAY YOUR ASSIGNMENT. GT had excellent blocking on the play as well, the WR came up to block McDaniel, the WB blocked out the CB, and they totally cleared the running lane.

-On the fake FG, Jackson was supposed to kick the ball out of bounds. GT smartly had a man back there as a deep safety, likely also watching for a fake play from Clemson, since the FG was really too long to try.

I think it was a really STUPID call, but Clemson had 3 men there to make the tackle and fucked it up royally. Why would you have your HOLDER over there making a tackle on a great return guy?

This is the difference in the game, this play. Why would you call a timeout to run this play and not have the right personnel in to make a tackle in case he cant get it out of bounds? I don't understand.

-Ashe shouldve caught the football on the first INT. Lack of concentration. It hit his hands.

-Clemson failed to tackle in the first quarter altogether. Also, they were not in their spots and were getting blocked out of plays. Paul Johnson outcoached us on the fake kick-TD pass. I was screaming for Dabo to call a timeout when they ran in. Then Chancellor quit on the play to Thomas.

-TD on the wheel route to Spiller, great block outside by Taylor. GREAT BLOCK...he decleated that mother...but the route running for most of this game was not up to par. Some great catches were made, but some passes shouldve been caught.

-TD to Allen over the middle was a great play by Allen, the ball was a foot behind him. Parker had to throw a bullet, and that part was good, but behind the receiver.

-Clemson was playing mostly Cover 1 Man and Cover 2 in this game, at least thats what I'm seeing. They are doing well on their assignments in the 2nd quarter throughout the end of the game. Nesbitts throws are sailers, thats why he gets picked off by the deep safety.

-Ford had his man beat on the INT, but Parker shouldve led the throw more to the left side. Then Ford quit on it, and didnt make sure that ball was on the ground. I put the blame on Parker however.

-A point of interest, a RH thrower, be it baseball or football, will always have the ball tail to the right. The throws to the right sideline were intended to be further in, but the ball always tails right. The ball to Ford tailed back to the middle of the field, Parker must learn this.

-GT adjusted late in the game with simple QB Lead plays, with Dwyer hitting the hole and blocking for Nesbitt. Their left side made great blocks for most of those plays, I give them great credit for that, but Bowers did not blow them up and could've.

-After Bowers first gaffe, he and Sapp played well. You noticed they stood pat, forcing GT to give the Dive play, thats why they stopped running outside pitches and options. But Clemson stopped the Dive, and you saw it completely shut down their offense until late.

-I am pleasantly surprised that our staff makes adjustments now. They adjusted to Morgan, and stuck with the power running game instead of panicking. The Defense made their adjustment at the end of the 1st qtr.

We're about to see whether this team is going to pick itself up and beat BC, or roll over dead.

I'll look at the film and pick out some clips tomorrow.

oh...and i fucking HATE purple