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Impressions before looking at the film...37-14victory

-Jacoby needs to catch passes that hit him in the hands, two big plays could've happened had he just done that. He made a few great ones, and dropped a few as well.

-Parker looks fine to me.

-Korn just dropped the damn ball, the guy had not yet touched him. Korn's INT in the 2nd half was more the WR's fault.

-The OL is doing ok given that there are 8-9 in the box, but play is generally sporadic, particularly at the goal line. I was not happy that Rendrick did not get in on those plays. Not impressed with goal line play whatsoever, but did like the playcaling on all but one time in the red zone. They just have to execute the plays.

-Where is that commitment to playing CJ Spiller? Guys like CJ dont leave the game with 7 touches. Was he injured? I can see taking him out early for next week.

-Special teams returns look outstanding, the missed long FGs were just long. I hope for 60-70% over 40yds. Jackson was very close on the 2nd but pushed it right.

-Defense is playing a few 3-3 fronts, and generally bringing at least one more when they play 3 down. I see several fire zone blitzes and 5-man pressures in front of a Cover 3. What they also seem to be doing is simply standing up Sapp or Branch and playing 3 down linemen, but sending the Bandit anyway.

-Anybody know where Jeff Scott, WoodyMac, and Pearman got those Block C hats?