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Weekend Links: Depth Chart released

Clemson Depth Chart released: I should point out that Alexander does not play in all packages at SAM, he's been in mostly running situations and doesnt do as well in coverage as Cooper, so its more of a co-starter role split between the two.

The only curiosity has been Gilchrist at FS, because according to himself, he's been used more at Nickel than anything to start camp. Lately though he's rolled out with the 1's. In Nickel situations I suspect Chambers will be the one at FS.

Also, should Hairston go down, don't expect Price to go right in, Lambert would likely move over to LT and Walker would be back at RT. The reason why its listed this way is because you have personnel groupings in practice and with Lambert on the 1st team, and Walker and Grant already on the 2nd, they cant very well send Lambert over in practice to rep with the 2s. That would be overworking him.

And evidently no one else is better than Grant at LG so that he would be moved over in practice. Maybe we should thank Barry Humphries for its possible Cloy wouldve been moved over to Guard had Humph taken the Center spot (ignore his 4th string status, thats BS).

The AP writes about the beginning of the Dabo Era at Clemson, with player quotes and perspectives.

The P&C does a 2-minute Drill with D. Bowers, as well as a no-brainer article about the 6 things Clemson must do to win its first ACC Championship.

Paul Strelow writes about the Clemson Secondary, regarded as one of the best in terms of depth and at CB position in the conference.

With Jaron Brown moving up the chart to 2nd-team, expect him to get considerable PT this year if Ashe doesnt pan out early.

It also seems Cory Lambert has pulled down the spot at RT over Landon Walker, God help us.