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Victor Beasley commits to Clemson

Victor Beasley (6'4 215) committed to the staff in his school library this morning, over Alabama and Auburn (where his father played). He's a friend of Demont Buice, who committed earlier to us, and is rated the nation's #30 Athlete overall. Clemson's incoming class is now ranked #13 by Rivals overall.

Speaking of Clemson:

"I had more faith there than anywhere else and it felt like home for me. The facilities are great and it's hard to explain just how much I liked it there."

Although Alabama had him pegged as OLB, he has been recruited by Billy Napier to play H-back/TE for us, giving us 2 TEs in the class. Napier's dad is Beasley's HS Offensive coordinator.

Practice Report-
-The SID tells us that Kourtnei Brown, who was rated the last DE on the chart after this Spring, has been slated for a RS season. Recently Chris Rumph was praising him, saying he had really come on strong and had a chance to be a great player, so I suppose with the depth at DE this was a reasonable choice. It just seems like they should've RS'd him sooner than now. He is a Jr this year, so he'll sit out and play 2 more.

Swinney also announced after practice that he hopes to red-shirt defensive end Kourtnei Brown this season. Brown is a junior from Charlotte, NC. He has played 24 games and 404 plays at defensive end over the last two years and has 33 career tackles.

"We are going to try to red-shirt Kourtnei Brown if we can this year. If there is an injury that could certainly change.

"Kourtnei has a chance to be a great player and we would like to have him for two more years (after this year) instead of just one."

-Chad Diehl, who played LB at Byrnes before being switched to Fullback at CU, has been getting some reps back at LB again in goal line defense.

"We experimented with that some in the spring and we tried it today. Chad is a train wreck waiting to happen. He gives us some size in there in that short yardage situation."

-JK Jay's back surgery went well, and he will take his Medical.

-Some newspapers are trying to say that the idea of Alexander to OLB has been shelved, but direct comments from Steele say it has not. What the writers are reporting is that they've never seen him standing up, but thats because the portion of the package has not yet been installed. Going by Saban's defensive playbook, which should be similar or identical to Steele's, each day of practice is used to install a new defensive front, or coverage, or blitz package....thats A LOT to cover in a month and they may only get one extra day to really practice it before the season starts.

-An article about Scotty Cooper and a recent trip to Africa, who is now unchallenged for the SAM LB spot with Hunter gone.

-Richard Jackson, who was so highly rated out of HS, has done the best of the kickers so far, and seeks to lock down the starting job.