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The QB situation from Napier'sperspective

Napier had this to say in the presser today.

How would you grade your quarterbacks?

Napier. "I think KP had a pretty good day. I think Willy did some good things too. It's hard to remember everything that happened, but I know that there were some mistakes in there from a read standpoint - which side of the field to work, those things. But that's to be expected. Neither of those guys is really a proven guy, and our defense is extremely talented.

"For the most part, I think the problems came from the negative plays and the protection issues. But we came out here today and ran plays that we were all going to have to execute. We're going to find out which direction we want to go at what positions.

"I'm pleased with the flashes that I saw, but also it's pretty obvious that we've got some work to do."

With the quarterbacks' decision-making, what specifically are you talking about?

Napier. "I think the decision-making was pretty good. I think for the most part, the young OL and that second tier really is where we struggled to some degree. But that's expected. I think our defensive line is pretty deep, a pretty good group. From top to bottom, maybe a little bit better group than our offensive front, a little more experienced.

"We didn't move the pocket much. We wanted to see who could protect, who couldn't protect. We tried to execute plays that were going to demand 11 guys executing. Not a lot of sprint-out, not a lot of nakeds - really just football plays, where they have to block somebody and protect."

What's your assessment of Korn at this point after his mechanical overhaul? How does he look to you?

Napier. "He had a great summer. That's pretty evident, and you guys can see the same things I see, that his motion is shortened up. He's getting the ball out of his hand quicker. He's a competitor. He's a kid who really relishes the opportunity to compete, just an unbelievable person to be around day-in and day-out. He has a great attitude and has improved. He's better than he was in the spring, and that's a tribute to his work ethic in the summer."

Is it presumptuous to assume it's a two-man race at QB?

Napier. "I think what you've got is four guys that can play. I really think that. I think it's a pretty strong group from top to bottom. They're at different places in their career. Willy's obviously a little bit older guy who's been around. KP is a guy who hasn't played a lot of snaps. He hasn't played a snap yet, he redshirted, and he's been playing baseball. So mentally, we try to give him a few more snaps maybe than the rest of the group to get him up to speed. And Mike Wade is a guy who's an excellent athlete, who kind of made a transition from safety back to quarterback. And from where he was at maybe midseason last year, it's really surprising. He's come on, and he's had a good camp so far.

"Tajh Boyd, he was lights-out today. I gave him a menu of plays to get ready to run with the threes. He got all those reps, and really when given the opportunity in a simplified environment from an offense standpoint, he threw strikes. He was really impressive. He's at a different place in his career mentally, but he's really, really talented."