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Napier hints that Kyle Parker leads for thejob

Napier had a press conference following the scrimmage in which the Defense continued to handle the Offense extremely well, and hinted at the QB position, but when asked specifically deferred to Coach Swinney:

Q. Are you now closer to naming a starter at quarterback?

Napier. "I think we've got a pretty good handle on that situation. Kyle got the most reps out of the last two scrimmages, just trying to get him up to speed from an experience standpoint. That's what I told those guys today, no matter who's in the game, it's important that each one of them go back and look at the film, get the most of each play, get as much from this situation. They're all rookies to some degree. Willy has played somewhat, but not anything major. These are important days for that position."

Q. So can we deduce from that, that Kyle will be the starter on snap one against Middle Tennessee?

Napier. "I think coach Swinney will address the media about that over the next week, not just the quarterback position, but the whole team. We're really honing in on all that. We're trying to give as many guys as we can work and give them a chance to go compete and see who will respond in this situation. I think the personnel decisions made will be reflected in coach Swinney's talks over the next couple of weeks."

Q. Talk about Willy's progress this off-season.

Napier. "It's important to know that Willy Korn has really, really improved and he's a guy that will get to play. It's not something where it will be black and white. Willy has battled his butt off and has worked as hard as anyone. He deserves to play.

This appears to me as a loose endorsement of Kyle Parker, though he did praise Korn.

The rest of his presser discusses the fumble-itis that happened today with Taylor and Harper at the RB spot, and the glaring inconsistency of the offense in most of the practices so far this August.

"It's the lack of consistent play in and out. A lot of good possessions with the ball moving, progressing down the field. And then a mistake here or there -- most of the times things we can control. We're a little bit thin up front with that second group. I think that stands out for the most part."

Napier mentioned that Swinney would likely name the starter within a week.

Korn has a great attitude about it so far, which kind of surprises me. He said he wouldn't be surprised if Parker was named the starter, and knows that he will play either way it goes down.

"I've shown what I can do and I've played to the best of my ability. Whatever decision they make, that's fine with me. I just think it in the end it's going to be mixed with two quarterbacks playing, regardless of who's playing the best."