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Fall camp begins

The Tigers started practice yesterday, and apparently Jacoby Ford still can't be touched. Isn't it wonderful how a guy who should be our #1 this year still can't practice in contact drills with the team?

-Alexander started practice at DE, and Sapp didnt go with the #1s on the first day. He is wearing a very large brace on his knee and doesnt quite appear to be 95%. Both are still expected to crosstrain at DE and OLB.

-Tajh Boyd is also wearing a large brace, and is spending extra time with Billy Napier to learn the offense, but don't expect him to avoid a RS. It is encouraging that he is trying so hard though.

-Parker is throwing bullets, and Korn's mechanics, while improved, still bring up questions.

-J.K. Jay hurt his back, possibly severely enough to get a medical RS, while lifting weights. It appears serious enough that he's benn held out of drills and if he does end up being RS'd we're going to be in really bad shape if Hairston or Walker go down.

I dont know about you but if we have the same damn problems as last year, these coaches are going to look really dumb.