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Dont we just love our conference?

The ACC has decided to trim our number of sanctioned practices by two after "GirdleGate."

"We’ve got what I’m calling Girdle Gate going on around here," Swinney said after the practice. "The pants that were under our shorts, something we’ve always worn around here, for whatever reason has become an issue this year. On the first two days of practice the ACC ruled that this was ruled improper attire, to have that girdle on with the little built-in padding. Obviously, we didn’t know that. If you’re robbing a bank, you wouldn’t invite the media to come cover it."

As a result of the ACC ruling, the Tigers will not hold their first of two-a-days on Monday, and instead will hold their first double practice on Wednesday. Tuesday is a scheduled scrimmage.

Obviously, there was no intent to break the rule," Swinney said. "But someone turned us in and the ACC said it was improper attire. I think you can get on the internet or on the TV and find a lot of high-profile universities that had on the same exact attire that we had on the first two days of practice. But I’m not going to argue the ruling."

What a crock of shit. A girdle on top of the usual strap....EXTRA illegal? FSU and Duke wear the same things and get nothing. The official rule is here. FGF just deleted pics of the first 3 days of SC practice.

EVENING UPDATE: NCAA has reversed the ruling, we dont have to give up the practices.

Rendrick Taylor really hopes to stay healthy this year, its really a shame how his vast potential was lost to injuries and wasted by Spence. The rest of the WR corps is still in the air, jockeying for position. Right now it appears to be Dye, Ford, and T. Ashe leading the way.

>"I just want to go out and catch as many balls as I can," said Dye. "Being the go-to guy, everybody is counting on you to do the job. I'm trying not to let them down, and I'm trying not to let myself down. So I'm going out and doing everything I can to help us win and help me become a better player."

Practice notes:
-Over the weekend, Brandon Clear got whacked really hard and cracked a rib.
-J.K. Jay is headed for surgery. Swinney says he's out for the season, another big blow at LT. Phillip Prince has been moved over from TE to Tackle to help in the rotation, but if Hairston goes down, we're screwed. With Brandon Thomas still recovering from knee surgery, we wont be able to use either of the tackles we signed in the last class.
-Jacoby won't be able to take off the yellow jersey until around the end of this week.
-Danny's former OL Coach, Larry Van der Hayden, lives around Clemson and is helping at practice as a referee.
-Coach Steele is quite pleased with how the defense is absorbing the new coverage packages and says they're "almost pro-like" in their adaptation to it. He also says the reason Alexander and Gilchrist aren't being seen at LB and Safety, respectively, is because they just havent installed that part of the package yet.
-Walk-ons Caleb Simmons, Chris Richardson, Ronald Watson, and John Wright have been put on scholarship for this season.

Alabama RB Desmond Buice committed last weekend, and though this article mentions him choosing us over the likes of Louisville, Alabama had been interested as well. The bonus is that he is friends with another LB target we are going against Saban for as well, Victor Beasley. The biggest recruit that would be a big claim for Clemson is MLB Justin Parker, #6 nationally by Rivals, who recently visited and claims we are his co-leaders with SC.