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Could the Gator Bowl be looking elsewhere?

Take a look at this article in the Birmingham news about the Gator Bowl shopping its services.
The Gator Bowl is "very interested" in joining the SEC bowl lineup from 2010 to '13 if the game can secure a time slot during the Capital One Bowl and a top-five pick of the league's teams, Gator Bowl President Rick Catlett said Tuesday.

What would it do to the ACC, with us already failing to fill seats in bowl games, our Conference champ game, or even attendance around the league, to lose a marquee bowl like the Gator? LW discusses it here.

If they think they got a demotion by being slotted below the Peach, they're in for a bit of a surprise I think. Outback won't give up its slot, nor will the Citrus (CapOne, which I fucking refuse to call that, its still the Citrus), and the Peach isnt about to lower it's pick either. Cotton has the 2nd pick in the West, equivalent to the Outback roughly. The Pups might indicate here that the Gator is shopping for a replacement of the Big XII, but I don't think another SEC/ACC tie-in is going to happen. Really their only shot is to boot out the Outback because picking the 6th SEC team is no guarantee of a sellout either.....7-5 doesnt fill seats in the South unless youre retarded Cockfan.

Heather Dinich doesnt miss much does she? Do writers just sit down and do this 3-5 question thing from training, or imitation of better writers?

DeAndre McDaniel is evolving into a defensive leader, but Swinney has commented that he wishes for more leadership from Alexander. The guys up front need to set the tone, and he's well respected on the team, but is too quiet.

Cory Lambert....again. Why wont they write an article on how much wasted talent this guy has.

Conner-Willard-Rollins-C. Hawkins are playing WILL. Cooper, Andrews, Christian at SAM. Maye, Campbell, Shuey at MIKE. Hawkins might avoid a redshirt with Hunter gone now, but dont expect Shuey to.

Bryce McNeal....not so much. He might end up all-world, but it looks like he's just too skinny and has too much to grasp.

Barry Humphries reportedly is transferring to SC State.