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Clemson possibly losing best baseballrecruit

The State ran the story today of Madison Younginer, our best pitching prospect to sign for next year's team, and it seems that the Red Sox are going to pull him away.

Younginer’s father, John, said this week that chances of Younginer playing for Clemson are "50-50."

"We don’t really know anything one way or another yet," John Younginer said.

Draftees have through late Monday night to sign. Boston’s late communication is a curious tactic, as most teams planning to sign pricey players make an offer by mid-summer at the latest.

The Red Sox could be trying to pressure Younginer off his $1 million price tag.

Younginer is slated to attend freshman orientation Friday. His father said the price tag will rise once Younginer moves into campus housing Thursday.

With us losing Chris Dwyer, we really need to have Younginer on the team. He might not pitch as much as Dwyer since he's a freshman, but the depth is needed. This is the only recruit we would lose though, thankfully.

EDIT: Clemson lost Younginer on Friday to the Sox.