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Swofford shows us he's a pussy....again

The ACC has pulled the Baseball tournament away from Myrtle Beach for next season, and put it back in Greensboro (2010, 2012) and Durham (2011, 2013).

"Our baseball committee and institutional administrators awarded the championships to Myrtle Beach with the understanding that the event had the blessings of all parties within the state of South Carolina. It has become clear this was not the case," Swofford said in a release.

"It's unfortunate that this miscommunication occurred and since the original announcement, we have had productive conversations with members of the NAACP. In the end, given the conference's commitment to diversity, equality and human rights, our institutions have determined that this change should be made."

Once again the Conference and Swofford shows deference to the teams in N.C., despite the goodsense that having a conference championship at the BEACH in MAY would generate far more revenue than the UNC-only sellout crowds that showed up for the tournament this year.

Lonnie Randolph, state president of the NAACP, declined comment other than to say, "We have been having some very productive and friendly conversations with the ACC regarding the matter."

Fuck Lonnie Randolph. It makes perfect sense to let the extra jobs (even if short-term) and revenue that would come to the PeeDee (i.e., POOREST FUCKING AREA IN THE STATE) region go to Greensboro doesn't it Lonnie?

The State reports what we've already known for some time, that Clemson is going to be hurting a little financially due to losses in sponsorship and lessened ticket sales this fall, along with a drop in the IPTAY revenues from the SEP that ticked off nearly everyone.

Upstate Today asks whether its time to worry about where we'll end up this fall. Out of all the prognostications, the best I've seen has us around 25th, with most averaging around 30-35th nationally. Preseason predictions pick us anywhere from 1st to 4th in the Division (adding in Athlon and the other preseason mags I've been reading), vying with WF and NC State for the final ordering. If you ask me, I'd rather this year's team be pegged to lose so I'll feel confident at 8-4, rather than the opposite case from last year. I'd rather stay under the radar totally right now, aside from our own high expectations as Clemson fans.

Korncoot gives an overall recruiting update, if youre interested, its mostly just who has been offered. We're debating on whether to cover our wishlist for recruits here sometime soon.

Some good news about the Fridge improving a little with help from Michael Dean and his sister.

Check this out from EDSBS, along with Dr. Saturday's take on Spurlid.