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OP talks about incoming freshmen class

Coach Purnell spoke about the incoming class yesterday to the media, heres the TI excerpt.

Q:You said yourself that this is one of the strongest recruiting classes in Clemson history. What does that say about how far you've brought this program?

Purnell: "I think the fact that we're able to attract these kinds of young men speaks to the fact that we're getting better. Our brand is hot. They like what they see. I think obviously the ACC is a great calling card and always has been. The fact that we're in the top echelon now helps. It's just more evidence that winning helps. I think they're attracted to the kind of coaches and players we have in our program."

Milton Jennings reported to CU at 225, but has lost 10lbs this summer already, and thats not what they wanted out of him. He'll have to bulk up more. Purnell commented that while Jennings will get a shot inside, he's more likely going to be on wing (SF), and that exactly where he ends up will depend on Trevor Booker's play.

The AP looks at Noel Johnson, and several articles talk about the press conference with OP and how this talented class is ready to play in the ACC.

Sophomore 7-2 center Catalin Baciu has been cleared to practice after undergoing minor shoulder surgery June 22. Baciu, who weighed 218 pounds as a freshman, recently checked in at 245. ... Former Clemson guard K.C. Rivers was cut by the Dallas Mavericks before the team began participation in NBA Summer League play, a Mavericks spokesperson said. ... Freshmen jersey numbers: Jennings (No. 24), Booker (No. 31), Hill (No. 32) and Johnson (No. 1). (source)