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Loose Ends, Spot the Damn Ball Already!

Dr. B posted an article a few weeks ago regarding the wing-t/spread option/flex bone slicing apart the Ga Tech style of scoring points. Here is an addendum to that piece that further reflects the facts presented by Dr. B here .

-Clemson obviously has the CJ Spiller for Heisman campaign up and running. I personally have to wonder if this was promised to Spiller last season, and if this has much to do with his return. It will be extremely difficult for CJ, especially with two previous winners of the award still in college football. These sentiments are further outlined in this upstate fish rap .

There is no doubt this guy is a special player...I just hope he touches the ball 25 times per game.

-Da'Quan Bowers is another player that everyone expects big things out of. He had an extremely productive freshman campaign last season, and appears to be taking the summer workouts more seriously this year. Most importantly, with Sapp back, Kevin Alexander proving to be a solid player, and Brown able to play a few snaps, I feel the end position will be the strongest group for the Tigers this season.

-Tim Tebow values himself at $2 mil for insurance purposes, and the great Lou Holtz fields a better team of retirees for a game against the Japanese than he pulled together in Columbia.

-Otherwise, practice is just around the corner and the season cannot get here fast enough!